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Dispхe sobre a Contribuiзгo para os Programas de Integraзгo Social e de Formaзгo do Patrimфnio do Servidor Pъblico e a Contribuiзгo para o Financiamento da Seguridade Social incidentes sobre a importaзгo de bens e serviзos e dб outras providкncias. XI - valor pago, creditado, entregue, empregado ou remetido а pessoa fнsica ou jurнdica a tнtulo de remuneraзгo de serviзos vinculados aos processos de avaliaзгo da conformidade, metrologia, normalizaзгo, inspeзгo sanitбria e fitossanitбria, homologaзгo, registros e outros procedimentos exigidos pelo paнs importador sob o resguardo dos acordos sobre medidas sanitбrias e fitossanitбrias SPS e sobre barreiras tйcnicas ao comйrcio TBT , ambos do вmbito da Organizaзгo Mundial do Comйrcio OMC. O disposto no inciso XI nгo se aplica а remuneraзгo de serviзos prestados por pessoa fнsica ou jurнdica residente ou domiciliada em paнs ou dependкncia com tributaзгo favorecida ou beneficiada por regime fiscal privilegiado, de que trata os arts. O disposto no inciso XI nгo se aplica а remuneraзгo de serviзos prestados por pessoa fнsica ou jurнdica residente ou domiciliada em paнs ou dependкncia com tributaзгo favorecida ou beneficiada por regime fiscal privilegiado, de que tratam os arts. Parбgrafo ъnico. O disposto no inciso I do caput deste artigo aplica-se, inclusive, no caso de despacho para consumo de bens importados sob regime suspensivo de tributaзгo do imposto de importaзгo.

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Kishura Band structure, magnetic, and transport properties of two dimensional compounds Sr2-xGdxCoO4. Enhancement of transition temperature in FexSe0. Interplay between boron precursors and Ni-Co-B nanoparticle doping in the fabrication of MgB2 superconductor with improved electromagnetic properties.

Pressure induced magneto-structural phase transitions in layered RMn2X2 compounds invited. Deliberate design of TiO2 nanostructures towards superior photovoltaic cells. Thermoelectric performance of n-type Mg2Ge. European Physical Journal B: Thermoelectric enhancement of different kinds of metal chalcogenides. Improved cycling stability of lithium-sulphur batteries by enhancing the retention of active material with a sandwiched hydrothermally treated graphite film Published In RSC Advances: Ultra-high thermoelectric performance in graphene incorporated Cu 2 Se: A technology review of electrodes and reaction mechanisms in vanadium redox flow batteries.

Controlled synthesis of nanoporous nickel oxide with two-dimensional shapes through thermal decomposition of metal—cyanide hybrid coordination polymers Published In Chemistry: Anomalies in magnetoelastic properties of DyFe Ultra-light and flexible pencil-trace anode for high performance potassium-ion and lithium-ion batteries.

Mesoporous hexagonal Co3O4 for high performance lithium ion batteries. Temperature dependent sodium solubility. Fabrication of asymmetric supercapacitors based on coordination polymer derived nanoporous materials. Two-dimensional tin disulfide nanosheets for enhanced sodium storage.

Robust scalable synthesis of surfactant-free thermoelectric metal chalcogenide nanostructures. Materials Science and Engineering B: Electrospun lithium metal oxide cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.

Broadband and omnidirectional, nearly zero reflective photovoltaic glass. One-dimensional manganese-cobalt oxide nanofibres as bi-functional cathode catalysts for rechargeable metal-air batteries. Fly compound-eye inspired inorganic nanostructures with extraordinary visible-light responses. BibTeX records: Yang Lei Ultra-high performance, high-temperature superconducting wires via cost-effective, scalable, co-evaporation process.

Tuning graphene for energy and environmental applications: Reduced graphene oxide with superior cycling stability and rate capability for sodium storage. Study on vanadium substitution to iron in Li2FeP 2O7 as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. Flux pinning mechanism in BaFe1. Atomic cobalt as an efficient electrocatalyst in sulfur cathodes for superior room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries. Magnetic transitions in LaFex-yCoySix compounds.

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Art. 13 da Lei 8725/03, Belo Horizonte

Nilkree Theoretically designed metal-welded carbon nanotubes: Functional membrane separators for next-generation high-energy rechargeable batteries Published In National Science Review Volume 4 Pages — Altmetric. Self-assembled porous carbon microparticles derived from halloysite clay as a lithium battery anode. Hydrothermal synthesis, evolution, and electrochemical performance of LiMn0. Platinum dendritic nanoparticles with magnetic behavior. A significant improvement in both eli and high-field performance of MgB2 superconductors through graphene oxide doping. Nanostructured Bi 2 S 3 encapsulated within three-dimensional N-doped graphene as active and flexible anodes for sodium-ion batteries.


LEI 8725 03 PDF

Nigal Vacuum induced self-assembling nanoporous LiMn2O4 for lithium ion batteries with superior high rate capability. Monodisperse core-shell structured magnetic mesoporous aluminosilicate nanospheres with large dendritic mesochannels. Scalable integration of Li5FeO4 towards robust, high-performance lithium-ion hybrid capacitors. Thermally lel flux flow in Fe1. Origin of resistivity anomaly in p-type leads chalcogenide multiphase compounds.

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