Tygor Or you can add a item line for each item to the sales order and put the serial number for each item in the information field for that order line. This page has been accessed 79, times. If you want to vtiger developer guide involved, click one of these buttons! Then add the playsound soundfile function call wherever developeg want to play a sound. Vtiger Discussions Activity Sign In.

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Breathe new life into sales and marketing documents Why Vtiger One? The only solution that creates one shared understanding of customers for everyone in a company to work from Other "all-in-one" CRM software is taped together from stand-alone products that fragment your customer view.

Work together, from one shared view of your customers. The Difference to You Vtiger Apps are part of one platform, with data created in one app accessible in any other. Is one app with different views optimized for sales, support, and marketing teams. Every customer interaction enhances the shared view of each customer.

The complete picture helps every person working with customers make better decisions and smarter automations. Other solutions Other claimed all-in-one solutions are duct-taped together from separate apps, using limited APIs, plugins, and custom code.

Consists of multiple apps, each built for a different team. Each app stores only what it knows about a customer based on interactions that happen through the app.

This means everyone always works from part of the picture, hurting insight generation and automation. Never set up connectors between Vtiger apps. Easily set up connections between Vtiger and third party apps through native integrations, Zapier, or APIs.

Accelerate collaboration Users get one comprehensive view of a customer. It contains campaigns, deals, cases and anything else about that customer. Any work a user does with a customer automatically enriches their record, and becomes visible across the organization. So, John in Sales sees when Jenny in Support closes an urgent case. To get help, messaging tools in every record help reach anyone across the organization instantly, and automatically carry context so collaborators get up to speed and respond faster.

Expand automation Actions can be automated being triggered from actions in any app. Improve insights Every insight is informed with data from other apps. Lead scoring can be built from engagements with marketing and sales.


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