This free-style show gives enormous scope for individual interpretations and spontaneous expression in the framework of a fine book and score. Story The action is based on the universal observation that love can remain a somewhat shallow thing until people have suffered a little. The fathers of the young lovers, Louisa and Matt, deliberately make things difficult for them in order to bring them closer together, and even arrange a mock abduction which allows the boy to rescue the girl from fake bandits, who are " ham " actors hired for the purpose from the Spaniard, El Gallo, who is somewhat a personification of Destiny. When the lovers discover the whole thing was contrived, discontent sets in and they have to be really hurt before they can treasure one another.

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It was first exhibited in in New Mexico as an amateur staging, where the main antagonist was El Gallo, which eventually turned into a narrator. Setting was unusual: the scene has been extended into the audience so that beholders were not sitting on one side but three; not involved at some stages actors were just sitting on chairs; freezing techniques have been used on environment — the moon, the sun and their light.

After reconsideration of the show, it was opened again in , and Off-Broadway was opened in in New York, with actors T.

Jones one of the creators, making the libretto , J. Orbach, K. The spectacle itself also included a lot of styles, from classics to techniques of modern comedy.

The first production was extremely low-budget a total of USD 0. Producers shrank themselves to a curious USD 2. However, it all looked quite intimate, and this has won the loyalty of viewers. So the show, which opened in , was completed only in lasting for phenomenal 42 years!

Truly brilliant result! Productions of and of were in London, the resurrection of Off-Broadway was 4 years after the closing, in and it lasted to its 50th anniversary in , and even further, to In the memory after one of its actors, a theatre was named — Jerry Orbach Theater. Release date:


The Fantasticks

All but a few songs in the score were also jettisoned, and the staging of the play was changed to a thrust stage. Harvey Schmidt says he wrote it in a single afternoon, after it emerged in almost complete form after a fruitless afternoon attempting to compose other songs. The sparse set and semicircular stage created an intimate and immediate effect. The original production was directed by Word Baker and was produced on a very low budget. As for a curtain, he hung various small false curtains across the platform at various times during the play. One side was painted bright yellow the sun and the other was black with a crescent of white the moon. The orchestra consists of a piano and sometimes also a harp, with the harpist also sometimes playing some percussion instruments.


The Fantasticks (Script)



Fantasticks, The Musical Lyrics


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