Writing[ edit ] He has been writer-in-residence and lecturer at Rivers State College of Education, where he has also been Dean of Arts, head of the literature department and Director of General Studies. Amadi has said that his first publication was in , a poem entitled "Penitence" in a University of Ibadan campus magazine called The Horn, edited by John Pepper Clark. In Amadi autobiographical non-fiction, Sunset in Biafra, was published. It records his personal experiences in the Nigeria-Biafra war, and according to Niven "is written in a compelling narrative form as though it were a novel". This is the surprising trajectory that this short but profoundly memorable booklet by the late Elechi Amadi represents.

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In this report, you will read about a girl named Ihuoma; the most beautiful girl in the village of Omokachi, even though she is from Omigwe. She got married to Emenike, but later Emenike was killed by his friend, Madume, over a piece of land, and more for the business of Ihuoma. Two men have already been killed by the wrath of her husband, a god of the sea.

When the best dibia medicine man in the village tells a young man in love with and inspiring to marry Ihuoma the truth of the matter, the young man vows that if he married Ihuoma for only a day and then died, his soul would travel away happily. He attended the Government College, Umuahia. He also graduated from the University College where he graduated with a Degree in Physics and Mathematics. He also authored the book Ethnics in Nigerian Culture Hernemann.

There is a quarreled over a piece of land between Emenike and Madume, as Madume is considered as dishonest land grabber, by Emenike, and Madume threatens to beat Emenike if only he Emenike does not desist from his habits.

The quarreled between them continued until they got into a fight that led Emenike suffering from a side complain. Wolu, his wife who had bore four children girls for him was annoyed with him about his weakness in doing things to cater to his children.

Madume has fallen sick, a day after the fight between him and Emenike. Nwokekoro has come to visit him-that which is a sign of reassurance for him. The family of him is now happy over his recovery. It was located by Aliji and Omigwe. It takes only a brave man to leave Aliji to go to Omokachi. Chiolu was another nearby village to Omokachi; people from the both villages met most often and worship together, to Mini Wekwu.

People worship, the god that controls smallpox. During the times, people dared not to be kind, using being is that the gods change at any time in the form of human beings to ask for gesture, and if denied, that person would contract the disease. Wolu comes to visit Ihuoma at her house with the clear mind that Ihuoma was tired of people coming to sympathize with her. Wolu tried to converse with Ihuoma, she Ihuoma cried a lot for every time she is been reminded.

Ihuoma accuses Wolu about the death of her husband, blaming it on her Wolu husband. Ihuoma cried over and over and again. She thought about here husband.

Her mother Okachi wondered over the situation too. They wondered and wondered as Ekwueme comes to visit the bereaved family. Men took-up women. Mman who happened to be one of the best drummers in the area is found carrying his normal activities of beating drum. It was at this that the song composed in honor of Emenike; Do you know that Emenike is dead? This song touched Ihuoma, and she cried in a very loud voice, remembering and missing her late husband; the one she once loved.

The ghost of her husband appeared to her and asked her for food and later vanished at the she had gone to prepare the food. The place and all is now prepared for the feast. The old ladies were welcomed with dried meat, palm oil sauce and pepper, while the people arrive, and then entered two ladies with sharp knives in their hands.

They rushed in the place with a loud voice informing the people about an attack that has been fought by the gods, on their behalf. Ihuoma can now dress as the feast has come to an end. She dresses for the first time since after the death of her husband. Ihuoma had now come to realize that she needs to cater to her children that her husband has left behind. She puts all other things behind her and became focused as she regains her structure and beauty.

Men again chased after her. While she goes to visit her parents, they tell her about the love that Ekwueme has for her, and she down plays it. The next morning, Nnadi, Emenike and Wakiri got set at Ihuoma to help her in the process. Madume had gone to his wife to discuss the matter with her, about his love for Ihuoma, and his intention to marry her. But the pronouncements shocked his wife.

Madume later left and went to the street where he met Ihuoma. He tried speaking to her and she only replied with out any further comment. Nnenda goes to Ihuoma asking her to go into the bush together.

As he washes his hands, he feels that no spirit would anything to him only because he had done the sacrifice. Ihuoma is found picking plantain on the land which her husband, Emenike was killed for after Madume had beaten him for that land.

Madume appears on the scene and tried stopping her from picking anything from the land, reason being, he claimed that the land was his, even though the elders had investigated that matter long ago when emenike was alive, and the land was Emenike as the elders quoted.

But yet still, Madume claimed the land to be his. He asked her to compromise the case or else he takes everything away form her, but she refused, and jumped on her to fight when people from the near by village came to part them, and Ihuoma left the place, leaving him there. While there alone, Madume decide to pick some plantain when a cobra spat in his eyes, and the people rushed him Anyika and told them that this the cause of some extra powers that Madume needs to make a serious sacrifice before he can be freed from this trouble.

With they did, Madume still became blind, he even grew more problematic as his wife suffers from it and later decide to leave to go to her parents to come back the next morning. The sound of cries shocked the entire town from the home Madume, as the people come around to find out what was the cause. To their outmost surprise, Madume is found dead, his body is an abomination to the town; therefore, he needs to be thrown into Minita; the place where rejected bodies were to be carried.

Nnenda had come to visit her that day, as Ekwueme comes to visit also, and he was asked to come the next day. After the job, everyone went his way, as Ihuoma and Ekwueme went to her house. At her house, Ekwueme tells her that he really loves her but she aggressively responded him. As the result, Ekwueme woke up angrily and decided to leave the place, while on his way, she ran behind him asking him to come back so that they can better talk about it.

She told him that he is a married man, he needs to look after his wife and keep her. Right after the advice, Ahurole and her brother Ikezam are found quarreling over a piece of soup she had cooked for them.

This led to Ahurole crying because her brother had insulted her, she claimed. He told his father about this, he had planned to go to his animal trap the next morning while his parents were getting prepared for their departure.

His recent behaviors worried his mother a lot, and she even thought about Ihuoma, saying was the one stealing her son heart from the person they want him to marry. She and her husband told Ekwueme about the dangers involved in getting married to Ihuoma; they told him it would bring them disgrace. She discusses with Nnadi about her family in Omokachi as Nnadi tells her how Ekwueme had gone looking for her while she was not there. Nnadi is gone as Ekwueme and his father Wigwe, come to visit Ihuoma that night, as she tells them that the night was too dark for them to come and visit her.

Wigwe tells her that he had come to find out about the relationship between her and his son, as he talks, Nnadi arrives. Nnadi had come fearing that it was some one else who had come to either harm Ihuoma or to visit her. Because of the visit of Nnadi, Wigwe changes his words by saying, Ihuoma, I have to ask you to marry my son, but knowing the situation very well, Ihuoma refused his gesture and turned it down.

Ekwueme and his father woke up and left for home with all the Vaxstation in him, even though he was not vexed with Ihuoma, but his father.

The next morning, Ekwueme woke up and went into the bush and spend the whole day there, as his mother worried about his where about. Late in the evening, he returned with the biggest animal he had ever killed in his life. There is no sign of anxiety in the eyes of Ekwueme; he seems to be sad as they are on their way.

But while in Omigwe, they were treated as if they were at home. Ekwueme felt about Ahurole in many different negative ways, but at the end, he finally bowed to it. They talk has begun, as Ahurole shows no sign of maturity even in the presence of Ekwueme, the man she is about to get marry to. They continued the ceremony to Omokachi, the home of Ekwueme, where he had so many girls waiting to see him and his girl. But while in Omokachi, the girls tell Ahurole to be a girl who is strong, because there is no lazy girl in their place, Omokachi.

The ceremony is now over, as Ihuoma congratulates Ahurole about the ways in which she had married Ekwueme. At least Ihuoma now believes that she is free as the result of the wedding. She and her kids play during the night at most times, she thinks that Ekwueme does not think about her any longer as she her self does not think about Ekwueme any longer.

What should have been negotiated for with in a period of one year has now been done in a period of six months. She is now found in the house of Ekwueme, six months after the marriage ceremony.

Even though Ekwueme is now a married man, but his behaviors still remain the same. He still eats the overnight foo-foo from his mother, he still goes in to the bush to see his trap the usual times he had been going, he still wrestle as like the times when he was small when he was a lazy boy. He even makes confusion with his wife over the kind of food to cook for them that day — that which actually hurt Ahurole and led her to cry.

He is found angry with his wife most often, his parents had advice him, but to no avail. There was no water ready for his bath most often, he had no sleep at all any longer, and he blamed all these to the childhood marriage his parents had carried on.

With all these on going, they got in to fight on some occasions and she had to escape to go else where. Ekwueme still has that love for Ihuoma, and is still pestering her, but she has no time for that.

She even planned to report the matter to his mother. She even told Nnadi to advice him on the matter. Ekwueme has now fallen sick as his entire body is now unable to do anything. His conditions had grown worst; he is no longer in good condition. His people worried about it, as he lies down. His parents have given up on him, but have gone to look after him as to his location.

All the best medications were given him up to this time but to no avail. He waste every food that comes before him, he does not want to see any one before. He only talks with Ihuoma as he tells her that his parents; the stupid fools are the ones embarrassing him.


Elechi Amadi









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