It is also known as Periya Kovil,. A History of Indian literature Vol. Otto Harrasowitz.. Retrieved 9 May Thanjai Periya Kovil ? Thanjai periya kovil history tamil pdf: Users review: Nearly 33, ancient temples, many at least to years.

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The deity of the temple is Lord Shiva—in his dancing pose—who is called the Nataraj. The temple was built, like a fortress on the shores of a river, by the king to grace the Chola Empire. The temple is a magnificent architectural construct that will never stop surprising anyone visiting the temple. Built using over , tons of granite, this fabulous structure shows the architectural prowess and affinity of the South Indian kings. The major attraction of the temple is the feet-tall tower that is built above the Sanctum of the temple.

This flamboyant tower can be seen by anyone entering the city from afar. Another breathtaking thing that will sure stupefy the visitor is the magnificent Nandi statue built at the temple; it is about two meters in height, six meters in length and two-and-half meters in width, and weighs around a whopping 20 tons for a statue built from a single stone.

Various postures of the famous classical dance, Barathanatyam, are carved carefully on the exterior walls of the upper storey of the temple. There are several shrines added to the temple by most of the following rulers such as the Pandyas, the Vijayanagara rulers and the Marathas, too. The temple architecture marvels at housing a myriad of surprises for everyone taking a look at this great temple.

Another important architectural feature of the temple is that the shadow of the temple never falls on the ground at noon. The architecture of the temple is done so cleverly that the temple casts no shadow on the ground when the sun is at its peak.

This is a phenomenon that attracts thousands of tourists and architectural enthusiasts from across the world to unravel the architectural mystery of the temple. Brihadeshwara Temple is also the first all-granite temple in the world, and the fact that granites are not available within the mile radius of the temple only makes it all the more astonishing.

Granite is as heavy a stone to carry as it is to carve, but none of that seemed to have shied the king from realizing the temple the way he envisaged.

When the temple was built in AD , it was the tallest temple in India hitherto, and it took only seven years to complete. The topmost structure of the temple, called Vimana, weighs around 80 tons, and it is a mystery how the builders got it up there. There are several musical pillars, which make different sounds when taped, at the temple.

Upon visiting, anyone can understand that the temple is a brilliant testimonial of the opulence of grand South Indian architecture. Select Hotel.


தஞ்சை பெரிய கோவில் சிறப்புகள்

The city is connected daily to other major cities by the network of Indian Railways, Tamil Nadu bus services and the National Highways 67 , 45C , and Extn. Along with the temples, the Tamil people completed the first major irrigation network in the 11th century for agriculture, for movement of goods and to control the water flow through the urban center. Thereafter, between and CE, Cholas emerged as the dominant dynasty. In the 10th century, within the Chola empire emerged features such as the multifaceted columns with projecting square capitals. This, states George Michell, signaled the start of the new Chola style. The temple also saw additions, renovations, and repairs over the next 1, years. The raids and wars, particularly between Muslim Sultans who controlled Madurai and Hindu kings who controlled Thanjavur caused damage.


Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur


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