Bisogna riferire tutti i punti superati con i precedenti esperimenti, e cosa sia avvenuto di nuovo, e come accertarsi che tutti possano capirlo. Dovrete fare del vostro meglio per spiegare qualsiasi eventuale discordanza. Se elaborate una teoria, e la pubblicate, dovete pubblicare tutti i fatti che la contraddicono, oltre a quelli che la sostengono. Quando avete sistemato le idee in una teoria completa e la riferite agli altri, dovete accertarvi che i fenonomeni che la teoria spiega, una volta completa deve quadrare con altri fenomeni.

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Shelves: science , biography-autobiography , physics , inspirational Would you like cream or lemon in your tea, Mr. Its Mrs. Eisenhart, pouring tea. Ill have both, thank you, I say, still looking for where Im going to sit, when suddenly I hear Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh.

Surely youre joking, Mr. Richard never drinks tea and never moves in the same society that does, little own the society that has lemon OR cream with it.

He does attribute a lot of this to his upbringing. His father was a uniform maker and often dealt with clients of all types of notoriety and he knew that underneath all those uniforms were just another naked ape. He passed on his views to his children and Richard went so far as to nearly not accept his Nobel Prize. To him it was another form of bullshit and that his reward had already been awarded with other scientists using his findings. And a great proportion of these stories are about these interests or how his interests intersected with his physics work.

There is only one story in this collection that is technical in any way. Yes, Feynman played the bongos. So while you have this brilliant man, in some ways ahead of his time in the ways that he thought and how he acted, there ares some hints that he is a man of his time.

Reading these stories you come to realise that Feynman was quite the womaniser. He appreciated the female form in a socially acceptable way for the time that he lived in. And so when someone from the twenty-first century reads this book he can come across as a bit sleazy. I am not going to defend his attitudes nor am I going to condone them. Personally I found nothing overtly offensive about his actions or his attitudes.

But I can imagine my partner reading this and sighing at several statements made by him. The book covers times in his childhood right up until late in life. There is a nice large chapter on his time at Los Alamos working on the Manhattan Project. There are also stories about his time in Brazil and Japan and his love for immersing himself in a different way of life.

There are also a couple of great chapters on education; one about the standard of students he sees while in Brazil and the other concerning a time when he was asked to be on a panel to decide high school texts for his school region. It is extremely accessible, with little jargon or technical physics. It talks more on his philosophy of living, learning and how to deal with the world around you. He is definitely a great orator and that is why his legacy lives on. This book remains a popular seller in the general sciences and recordings of his lectures and interviews are popular on youtube.

And for those who want more there are plenty more collections of his wisdom. There is also Feynman a biographic graphic novel.


Sta scherzando, Mr Feynman!



«Sta scherzando, Mr. Feynman!»



«Sta scherzando Mr. Feynman!» Vita e avventure di uno scienziato curioso


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