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A computing experience where you and your computer are both elegant and beautiful; modern and simple. No more hideous junk, but pure design. That is the power of sleekify. I am a minimalist person, and this guide will show you how you can blend beauty with function. This guide was written on and made for Windows. If you are running a Mac, unfortunately I cannot help you. If that is the case, you can just skip the tip. But no more of the jabber and junk.

In this episode: Invisible Icons Invisible Icons If you are like me, than you strive to maintain a clean desktop. You will have to remember to dump your useless things into one folder. I suggest you use this folder as your downloads, in box, and more. It will become a folder that can be messy, but nobody knows about it. Now, to do it. Please read them over before you try it.

Create a folder on your desktop. Right click it, and select the Rename option in the list. Type the invisible text.

A space bar will not do, as the computer will reject it so here is the secret: a special invisible character. To type this special character, hold down the Alt key and using your number pad not the row at the top , type Release the Alt key now. An invisible character has appeared, much like a Space, but not one either. As you can see, the folder now appears to not have a name. The icon is still there, though. Right click the folder again, then go to Properties. Click on the Customization tab.

Click on that. In the 13th column, 2nd row for Vista systems , there should be what seems like an empty icon, as well as two others below it. For XP users and anyone who cannot locate the icon just look for a blank icon. Select it, hit OK, hit OK again. You are done! This folder can store files and other folders, and it behaves as a regular folder. Keep in mind that deleting this folder is a hassle; the computer will not be able to delete it.

There is a way, however, that will take approximately 5 minutes. Now, to delete your folder: Make sure nothing is in it, and you have moved everything in it. Get DelinvFile and download it the first like to download the executable.

Run the file and install it following the prompts. Open the application when it is done installing. Navigate through the prompts on the left to your desktop. Press OK when the confirmation prompt opens. Your folder has been deleted. Simple and elegant as you can see in the photo to the right. Check out the next installment in the series of Sleekify, your guide to beautifying your computer.

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