Simply put, a raptor is a bird of prey. Rodents are a common problem for farmers, land managers and gardeners and the Dartington estate is no exception. Above: Mike and one of the raptor perches installed at Dartington The conventional methods of rodent control include trapping and poisoned bait, but these methods of control are labour intensive, costly and can harm non-target species. These man-made structures help increase birds of prey to an area of land by giving them more vantage points to hunt from.

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Meme Generator About Philosoraptor is an advice animal image macro series featuring an illustration of a Velociraptor paired with captions depicting the dinosaur as being deeply immersed in metaphysical inquiries or unraveling quirky paradoxes.

Origin On October 8th, , the original illustration of the Philosoraptor was released and copyrighted by creator Sam Smith as a T-shirt design for sale on the online retailer Lonely Dinosaur [1] shown below. In an e-mail exchange with Know Your Meme , Smith revealed that the idea for "Philosoraptor" image was conceived sometime in the early of summer of The image itself was a mix of several images of velociraptors I got online, which I compressed to one-color images, then mixed together.

I took the jaw off of one at the mouth, and cut it open to make the mouth look like it was hanging open. The claw was based off an image of an eagle talon that I flattened, drew in some bits, and moved and enlarged one of them to make the raptor-like claw.

The last thing I did was nudge the eye slit over to the right like three times, and that pulled it all together- really gives him that far-away look. It was inspired by our friend Devin, who was a philosophy major and was always hunched over his desk thinking, so we called him the philosoraptor. We had never heard of it before at the time, but apparently the joke had been made previously on the interwebs. Due to the similar sounds of the two words, it is quite likely that various people arrived at the concept of a Philosoraptor independent of one another.

I saw this dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park and I did a report on it also. This dinosaur is da bomb. On October 25th, , the Internet humor blog Smosh [10] published a listicle featuring 20 notable Philosoraptor examples. On November 23rd, the Internet news blog Mary Sue [11] posted an image gallery highlighting 50 Philosoraptor examples. By July , Philosoraptor reached the "God Tier " on Memegenerator [6] with over 38, instances and 12 different templates.

On December 29th, YouTuber Chris Schultz published an original pop song featuring lyrics inspired by Philosoraptor images shown below, left. On August 28th, , the animeme YouTube channel uploaded several animated versions of Philosoraptor image macros shown below, right. In October , a thread inviting users to post the best Philosoraptor jokes was submitted to the discussion site Quora. Know Your Meme Store.


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