Nonetheless, once imported into Japan, Tendai Buddhism, Shugendo and Shintoism influenced the practice. These Japanese practices were likely the sources of ninja hand signs. What is Kuji-Kiri? The nine symbols are: rin, pyo, to, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai and zen. Each symbol has a specific meaning.

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Nonetheless, once imported into Japan, Tendai Buddhism, Shugendo and Shintoism influenced the practice. These Japanese practices were likely the sources of ninja hand signs. What is Kuji-Kiri? The nine symbols are: rin, pyo, to, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai and zen. Each symbol has a specific meaning. So, to invoke a specific ability, you have to perform the correct symbol.

In other words, Kuji-Kiri is like a meditative prayer. This combination of hand signs, breath, and visualization induces a powerful mental state. So, does Kuji-Kiri really give supernatural powers? There is no proof of people gaining extraordinary senses or healing powers. What Kuji does is to trigger a specific mental state for a shinobi. This optimal state of mind helps him function well under stress. It may also create the ideal conditions for his body to recover a tad faster.

For example, the power to foresee danger is just the intuition of an experienced warrior. Kuji-Kiri simply triggers an alert state of awareness, to make that intuition sharper. What does science say about Kuji-Kiri? But, we can refer to studies on similar practices like meditation and yoga for a better understanding. The effect lasted between 3 to 30 minutes.

Beta waves associated with annoyance and anxiety decreased. Theta waves connected to deep relaxation or sleep decreased. It remained that way for roughly 10 minutes. Kuji-Kiri Study Part 2 The next experiment compared the fight-or-flight response of participants before and after performing Kuji-Kiri.

Within moments of doing ninja hand signs, the participants experienced: Heightened levels of alpha-2 waves Beta waves dropped, decreasing the effect of stress immediately.

The near instantaneous effect it has makes it useful in fight-or-flight situations. This sheds light on why the ninja used it so extensively and make Kuji-Kiri worthwhile for martial artists and self-defence instructors to study. Interestingly, the brainwave results are similar in studies about meditation. The one advantage Kuji-Kiri has over meditation is its speed of inducing a calm state of mind.

But, of course, only someone competent in Kuji-Kiri can change their mental state quickly. Familiarity with each hand sign and loads of meditative practice makes a difference. So, Kuji Kiri does have observable physiological effects on a person. Anything more than that, like outright invisibility or mind-reading, is bullshit. All of them enable you to alter your state of mind. Meditation Meditation is like Kuji-Kiri, without the dynamic hand gestures.

It puts you in a state of deep relaxation, while still keeping you alert. Some forms of meditations can even boost your ability to deal with stimuli. Unlike meditation, Kuji-Kiri produces the effect in an instant. In the early stages, you meditate to associate each gesture with a powerful mental state.

With enough experience, all you need is a few hand signs to trigger a specific meditative state. The power to change their state of mind instantaneously would have been essential for survival. Yoga Mudras The use of hand gestures is not unique to Kuji-Kiri. In fact, yoga has a set of hand gestures known as mudras.

It also uses asanas poses and pranayama breath control. And helped students feel a sense of well-being in this study. Qigong Qigong is a form of movement meditation that produces a relaxed mental state.

It has parallels to Kuji-Kiri in that the repeated movements trigger an optimal state of mind. Self-hypnosis Yet, some doctors consider it the oldest form of psychotherapy. Brain imaging even reveals that hypnosis can block pain signals. This leads me to believe that Kuji-Kiri may also have been a form of self-hypnosis. In particular, the NLP anchoring technique seems like the modern version of Kuji. Through repeated hypnosis and visualization, the anchor gets associated with the mental state.

And then when a situation calls for it, the person can trigger the anchor. This enabled them to undergo MRI scans, with usable images. He then dismantled the fear associated with that trigger. Later on, he anchored the positive memories of a patient to a touch on their shoulder. This simultaneous process enabled these patients to reduce their anxiety. That said, more studies need to be done on NLP to confirm its effectiveness.

Bottomline: Kuji-Kiri and other practices There are parallels between Kuji and other practices. This makes meditation useful for modern-day warriors like yourself. Good luck!



Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read : 26 Total Download : File Size : 41,8 Mb Description : In this book, learn how to enhance your strength and energy, how to transmute your emotions into released power, to enhance your natural healing process, and do the Hour self-initiation process. You are highly encouraged to read the introductive book "Qi-Gong and Kuji-In" before you go on to the advanced techniques offered in this book. Focused on the transformation of self from within, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual practice that will not only work you to become the master of your life, but will also produce exceptional observable manifestations of great energy, health, physical and mental strength. Practicing Kuji-In as it is presented here will support and enhance every action you take in life. Your psychic abilities will evolve, and you will achieve an expanded perception of the world. Previous book required You are greatly encouraged to read the introduction book: Qi-Gong and Kuji-In before you go on to the advanced material.


It is the second most popular reason to learn Kuji-In. Kuji-in had always been used by leaders and priests for the enhanced awareness it provides, and how much it helped deal with stressful situations. Kuji-In helps free the mind from human limitations. No religion or belief is required to practice the Nine Hand Seals. This approach is mostly used in the Hindu and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. The physical benefits, the accelerated regenereation and healing, energy recuperation, all make it a good supplement to any modern training method. It is a technique that belongs to the esoteric Buddhist tradition.


Experiment a bit with this breathing. It was devised as a way to bring the virtues of the Spirit into the physical experience. When you first connect with your Higher Self, you may be overwhelmed with higher thoughts. Visualize and feel a very bright light radiating from your chest. Each chakra corresponds to a physical endocrine gland.



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