Join our Discord server. Sometimes the darkness wins and we go from punk and gothic to horror. Bryce Perry from the horror game podcast Darker Days joins Terry to talk about how to add horror to your Mage game. Just a note, this episode contains discussion of body horror, family terror, harm to children and family conceptually and a number of other things. Look below to get an idea of what we go over. Show Notes The Baali — Group of vampires who do terrible things to keep dark things asleep.

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Crafts are magickal societies that do not actively participate in the Ascension War an impossible goal or that refused the call of the Grand Convocation. Additionally they are tied to some cultural group and possibly some geographic area. All the groups presented seem to reflect research but vary in terms of how involved their historical, cultural, and magickal practices are presented. The magick of the templars is uninspired but appropriate and the magick of the Sisters seemed largely uninspired.

Very bloody internal conflicts. Being ridden by spirits grants additional physical dots which was interesting. Their ties to the Hermetics and Wu Lung are flavorful.

The kapu systems of bans should have been presented more fully if someone is expected to use it in a game. Hem-Ka Sobk — Servants of an alien crocodile god who eats the organs of sinners and helps mages atone for sins they committed. Amazing and flavorful but likely unplayable in a traditional game. Still, pretty fascinating and weird groups like this do much to expand the game. Sisters of Hippolyta — Interesting history and a good contrasting world view, but the magick side was kind of lightly explained.

The focus on Life magick seemed like stereotyping but many of the other associations simply seemed appropriate. Not sure how with such a small group they maintain rotes that have very high barriers to learning with 4 and 5 dot effects being part of their standard canon.

Also feels too small to keep itself going. The history with the Order of Reason and the Cabal of Pure Thought seemingly being behind everything devious is an interesting extension of the brand as the Gabrielites get blamed for everything.

Interesting that they accept any Christian which can be a pretty wide gamut. Magick again was meh. Wu-Keng — I thought this group was going to sound more problematic but besides the cross-dressing which is never much played up, the group seems fine.

Interesting that the Wu-Keng and Wu Lung are both serving demons and may not quite know it. Magick was interesting but little information was given as to how the Spheres are used. Overall the book greatly expands the world of magick in Mage but has some spotty areas. For some of these groups, no future material was provided while others are updated in Dead Magic, Dragons of the East, and a perfunctory expansion in M Wish we got a Book of Disparates, but alas… Other notes: Opening fiction.

Seven african tribes. MIxture of African, islan,d and Catholicism. Choles let them be spirit ridden. The island of Hispanola was special. Made newcomers uneasy. Turmoil made the place angry and the Mokole and followers of Set made things messy. Quinshi were killed off but not before teaching African slaves their ways. Considered it a vital role to connect spirit and real world. Marie Laveau and the original Dr.

John get credit for melding things. Hispanola was a hard place to live. Attempted crackdown backfired and in the island was freed. Island invaded in , ruled by dictators. For reasons lost to time, the entire Caribbean region is a powerhouse of mystick energy, rivaled only by the British isles, the Fertile Crescent, the Australian Outback and the Himalayas. Indians had to live in peace with the land because it was so potent.

Causes fighting. Setites claim it as their own. The pop image of someone wreathed in chicken blood and writhing is from the the invisibles allow the ghosts to feel. Most draw back to one of the seven tribes that founded the group. Mages often work in pairs. Majane is personal power and is demanded. Lots of evil spirits to deal with or at least tainted or twisted. Possession is common.

Two groups they deal with are the Petro, sinister spirits of conflict, and the Rada, nuturing spirits of healing. Some put other gods beyond them.

All magick begins with a trance and an opening to the spirit world, then a request. Mechanically, being spirit ridden does not incur paradox but can be painful. Being ridden grants 3 to 6 dots of physical attributes. No concept of spheres. No distinction between Hedge and Sphere mages. Each cabal is a link to the Chain of Souls, Has a Marassa couple. Hermetic intrigue but bloodier. War goes until an entire chantry is killed.

Initiation: Join, do nothing for a year but serve and give all your money. Solificati Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Want to cause a mass Awakening to bring about 10th sphere. Defected and became Sons of Ether and Virtual Adepts which joined back.

Divided into classical and chemical. Want to find 10th sphere. One of the few non-technocrats that can make Primium. Sunu, divine hunters. Kheri heb tep, deal with community.

Belief-inflected paradox. Four spheres forbidden, just for gods, power comes from gods…. Does not include micronesia and melanesia. Pale remnant. About years old in terms of organization. Social role as viziers. Naturally, the Technocratic Seekers of the Voids had to explore such reports. Had an intricate kapu system, where violations made the land less fertile and Liholiho broke it in Conquered by the British and land was divided.

Midnight raid in kills sorceerers. The Bayonet Constitution was forced on the kanaka maoli. Kopa Loei go under ground Beautiful case of paradigm. US does nuclear tests and the ghosts of those who refused to leave still remain. Extended family important. Everyone memorizes vast family trees and form a bayanihan. Mele — chants of common history. Moolelo — stories of the people Kanaenae — Geneological chants.

Used to introduce yourself. Kumulipo — Creation chant. Magick focused on invocation of natural powers of which the gods are park. Fire and wind are natural and require no personification. Magick is about recognizing natural forces and traditions. Focuses stem from sphere and role. Groups are brougth together 15 to 30 members out of 6 million polynesians Initiation requires reliance on the old ways. Navigating a deep wood or open ocean.

Art on Page Like you sat in a bag full of packing peanuts. Sisters of Hippolyta Opening fiction. Gather in conclaves. Samantha is someone who leaves. Focus on ancestry and community. Formed from two legends. Land of Themiscyra which may hav ebeen refuges, a network of women, or a separate society.


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