Wall mounted fittings such as electrical sockets should be fitted so as to take into account the additional wall thickness. Heavy surface mounted fittings will require provision for the fixing load to be applied direct to the supporting wall and not to the K18 Insulated Wallboard in isolation. On existing constructions all surfaces should be clean and free of loose or flaking materials. Wallpaper should be stripped and surface mounted fittings removed. Fixing should employ the same method as is used for the plain wall areas.

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Front Facing — Reverse facing — a low emissivity composite foil autohesively bonded to the insulation core during manufacture. This reflective, low emissivity surface improves the thermal resistance of any unventilated cavity adjacent the board. Kooltherm K18 Applications K18 Insulated Plasterboard is specifically designed to provide thermal insulation and drylining in one operation significantly reducing installation time.

Kooltherm K18 can be specified for use in a variety of applications including All Cavity Masonry Wall Constructions Solid Walls Ceilings Kooltherm Features and Benefits Kooltherm Insulation is our premium performance rigid phenolic insulation with low thermal conductivities and can be used in an extensive range of new and existing building applications, including insulated plasterboard for solid walls. This product range offers among the most thermally efficient conductivity and thermal performance values available, which means you can minimise thickness of your insulation compared to other conventional insulations to achieve the same performance.

Kingspan Kooltherm also has exceptional fire performance characteristics. As it is a thermoset material it hardens and chars in fire situations, giving off very little smoke; unlike thermoplastics, such as polystyrene which melt, soften, and give off thick black smoke Kingspan Kooltherm has the premium performance rigid thermoset insulation — thermal conductivities as low as 0.

The contribution of the product Total R-values depends on installation and environmental conditions. The R-value will be reduced in the event of the accumulation of dust on the upward facing surfaces and in those cavities that are ventilated.

How to Cut K18 Insulation Boards Cutting should be carried out either by using a fine toothed saw, or by scoring with a sharp knife, snapping the board over a straight edge and then cutting the facing on the other side. Ensure accurate trimming to achieve close-butting joints and continuity of insulation. Please contact us for more information. We will contact you the same business date to confirm the dispatch date. Fast Deliveries Standard orders are delivered within business days in metro areas and days in regional areas.

Some products have a longer lead time as indicated on the product page.


Kingspan K18 Mechanically Fixed Insulated Plasterboard


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Kingspan K18 – Kooltherm Insulated Plasterboard



62.5mm Kingspan Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard - pack of 12


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