Fekinos In this post I will discuss configuring kile and okular with synctex. I tried it with Kile 2. The answer on the second page of that thread. Have you met this problem? January 26th, 5. I read in the German ubuntuusers-forum that this feature is oly available in TeXliveand Karmic still comes with But it worked with pdflatex by choosing Modern configuration as Puneet suggested.

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Kagahn In Kile I have tried the buttons: Otherwise I have been inverae for two two days, it did not work. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Kile scrolls iile file in the exact location.

I am running Ubuntu with Kile 2. This was very helpful. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I lost 2 hours trying to find that solution. Be sure select Browse tool in Okular, not Zoom or anything else. The ForwardPDF build config should already be present. Hi, I just upgraded to Karmic, and experimented a bit with Kile and Okular.

I suspect the view tools do kilee forward the necessary info to the Viewer. Sign up using Facebook. Hope this post saves time for many other people. If not then do the following: The —unique flag does not help? I got it working with the above steps but without resorting to the script but using okular as the embedded viewer. First you have to change the LaTeX build tools from Default to Modern go to the inveerse tool configuration menu and select Latex, then select Modern in the drop-down menu to the right.

Kile Usage Open or create invers new tex file in kile. The KDVI website says this is part of the kdegraphics package but it no longer?

January 7th, 4. Post inverde a guest Name. March 6th, 1. I also left out the perl script part. How does one configure the viewer and editor to make this feature work? Johnson-Leung 1 9 9. I have tried to change this behavior, in the Okular editor configuration, adding some —unique option, or something like that. April 16th, 8. I have no idea what it does, but it did solve my problem. May 14th, Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. It should jump to that spot in the LaTeX source.

But you should add that the editor in the oular configuration has to inversd set to kile. Linux under the sky: Synctex in Kile and Okular Here is what they suggest:.

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