My experiences in Vedic astrology. Thursday, December 15, Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Sankaracharya is the great sage who revived Hinduism in India and defeated many other philosophical schools comprehensively with his wisdom, knowledge and debating skills. There have been many more sages in his line that have spread his word of wisdom through the word. He was a known jeevanmukta liberated while alive in physical body. Let us see what principles in astrology indicate the same. I gathered them from a website dedicated to His Holiness.

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My experiences in Vedic astrology. Assuming that the lagna is Meena, the 4th house has Ra, Sa and Ma in the same order. Note that this statement has several exceptions, for instance if Saturn owns the fourth house, Mars and Saturn being there would only indicate an aggressive personality. It is with extreme care that one has to apply these rules.

Three malefics there indicate debauchery. Mercury, Jupiter in relationship indicates lack of a comfortable married life. Note that this combination does not indicate debauchery. Same combination applies from Moon too. The 10th house has three malefics - Gulika, Mandi and Ketu.

And the 10th lord is in the 8th house related to sexual organs or secret matters. These indicate that her profession could have something illegal or cruel to it -- not necessarily prostitution. One surprising aspect of the whole horoscope is that Venus is exalted, which usually indicates good chastity. Furthermore, Jupiter is in vargottama although retrograde. He aspects the combination in the 4th house.

That did not save her from making a wrong choice in life. He is strong in his own sign in Lagna. Usually, horoscopes with a strong Jupiter in the lagna indicate a well-respected person. In this particular case, the Gajakesari yoga is also present since Moon is in the 10th house from Jupiter. But it did not seem to have helped. A very very important factor in this horoscope is: Ketu, Gulika, Sun, Maandi are in the same order in 11th house.

Sun is hemmed between Gulika and Maandi. Furthermore he is debilitated with cancellation through Venus who is debilitated himself. There is no benefic aspect to Sun either. Due to these factors, it is easy to deduce that the native would not have a very strong religious morals. It sure reflected in the profession she chose. One similarity I have noticed between these horoscopes is the excessive influence of Moon, Mercury and Venus on the 10th house.

Venus is the karaka for sexual life. Note that these are mild hints and it is hard to conclude the profession of the native based on just this point and the previous. Assuming that the time of birth is accurate up to 1 minute, D-9 has Rahu and Saturn with the aspect of Mars and no benefic aspect. It indicates that the native will not have an early, peaceful marriage In D, correcting the time of birth using Kunda sphuta, lagna falls into Kanya.

Moon and Jupiter also joined him there. They are all hemmed between Mars and Sun. These are indications of problems in her profession but not as such prostitution, IMHO. Posted by.


Yogasiddhant Chandrika

My experiences in Vedic astrology. The rules to evaluate this are very clearly mentioned in the classics of Vedic astrology. So, in both D-1 and D, the 5th house and 9th house indicate whom one would like to pray. While applying these guidelines, it would be good to keep in mind, the association of planets with different deities.





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