Jakes , Bynum spoke to her audience in plain, smoky-nightclub language about her battle with the flesh and her longing for a husband. The predominantly female audience hollered back. To understand the powerful appeal of Juanita Bynum as a leading Pentecostal figure, one has to look back to that moment. From that expression of yearning she has built a vast, lucrative ministry based on the dueling notions of need and empowerment: Women need to be strong, self-respecting and self-sufficient, but only in doing so will they attract a heaven-sent man. Her marriage to Bishop Thomas W.

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She received many starring roles in school productions such as, My Fair Lady. She fellowshipped at St. Luke Church of God in Christ and after graduating from high school, she started preaching in nearby churches and at revivals. Bishop T. In two years, she rose from an attendee to to a speaker at the conferences.

Conference in Atlanta. She began appearing regularly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Her ministry grew to music, literary works, television and radio. In , she spoke at Vision Church in Atlanta during an ordination service for a homosexual minister. During her talk, part of which was posted online, Bynum praised the congregation for providing financial support and other aid during her divorce and subsequent tax problems.

Her four siblings are Janice, Kathy, Regina, and Thomas. The marriage ended after her husband plead guilty to aggravated assault charges. Bynum has been married twice. She turned to divorce due to domestic abuse, vowing not to talk about what had transpired. Juanita Bynum Divorce She has divorced twice. I had already abused myself mentally and emotionally for years, trying to fill a void that only the power of purpose can fill.


Juanita Bynum: For prophetess of true romance, marriage a mess

Jan 14, Grace Villard rated it it was amazing Though I was newly married when I read this book- I wanted to see what Prophetess was saying to those who were not married. Waiting on God to send your mate- your "Boaz" is unheard of in the world today. If you missed it once okay. Everytime you lay down, you pick up someone else "soul ties" that they had with previous and most likely present relationships. From the man who was in jail- possibly "raped" or Though I was newly married when I read this book- I wanted to see what Prophetess was saying to those who were not married. From the man who was in jail- possibly "raped" or "freely given" sex to the lesbian you pick those things up in your "soul" and begin to act or find "others" drawn to you. This book will show you- YOU!

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No More Sheets: The Truth about Sex



Juanita Bynum



No More Sheets


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