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This is going to get fun. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Jbl Does anyone know why JBL stopped production of the? Hbl check your email. I use them for just about all my projects.

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I just have an emotional attachment to these incredibly classic systems, 15" woofer and horn tweeter. The original Lansing Iconic was like this, with Hz crossover, and it has never died.

The basic facts of psychoacoutics and physics are against you. You do NOT want a crossover in the voice range, roughly Hz, because the human ear is especially sensitive there. But, if you allocate equal ranges in musically important octaves to each driver, the crossover will be right in the middle, at Hz more or less. A serious dilemma! The usual solutions are single driver and three-way systems. Secondary solutions are to try to run one of the drivers over a wider range.

For "serious" work, I am pursuing 3-way systems myself, and for fun I have some single drivers in work also. But in spite of all that, for my own home system right now I personally use a and crossed at Hz.

The problem with the , and by exension its grandchildren and , is twofold - they have sacrificed the deepest bass for efficiency, and the light cone gives a rising response.

Both problems can be addressed - heck, every approach has some problems; pick your favorite and work on the problems, and you can end up with something quite nice. Looks from the spec sheet like the has given up a little efficiency for flatness. Ken Schwarz Guest I built a pair of Pi-4 speakers, a bi-way based on the or , and got good results, but I agree that a subwoofer is needed for full-range.


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