Join 1. I agree to the privacy policy. Among his accomplishments: — Two top finishes at the double Ironman-distance Ultraman World Championships — Completing 5 Ironman-distance triathlons on 5 separate Hawaiian Islands in less than a week, a feat no one had ever even attempted. But most remarkable of all, just a few short years before exploding onto the scene, Rich was a middle-aged couch potato, depressed and 50 pounds overweight. His 40th birthday present to himself was attempting to reverse course.

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Brendan Brazier. Robert Cheeke. To our stockpile of animal-friendly ammunition, we have a new name to add: Rich Roll. And what a story it is. Rich was a competitive swimmer at Stanford, but he gave it all up in , subsequently battling a drug and alcohol addition and becoming 50 pounds overweight. Fast forward to , when at age 40, Rich went vegan. Two years later, he became the first vegan to complete an Ultraman.

And a year after that, Rich finished 6th overall at the Ultraman World Championships. How cool is that? And not just vegetarian—most of these athletes are vegan. You know, big, colorful photographs with a very artistic feel—not standard e-book fare by any means. But you know what? It really works well. The book is beautiful; you can see this in the video preview Rich made for the book.

Now, art is great and all. But for me, what really matters in a cookbook is the recipes. So what are they like? Thrive introduced me to so many new ingredients and dietary principles for maximizing energy, like taking it easy on the gluten, incorporating raw foods, and sprouting beans and seeds. I can appreciate the meal plan as a benchmark of health to which to compare my diet, but the fact is that I just love cooking too much to enjoy the Thrive food day-in and day-out.

Jai Seed is like Thrive in that it incorporates powerhouse ingredients like kale, chia, beets, pumpkin seeds, maca, coconut oil, and little if any wheat. An obvious example that jumped out at me immediately: In Jai Seed, the salad dressings are based on organic olive oil, rather than on a healthier-but-definitely-less-tastebud-pleasing EFA oil blend or hempseed oil. I realize the shift is slight and that one could easily make substitutions, but I think this little distinction really captures the difference in feel between the recipes in the two books.

At 10 bucks, Jai Seed is an absolute steal. Hearty and healthy, and easy to make. For more, visit:.


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A New Vegan Cookbook from an Ultra-Endurance Athlete


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JAI SEED Vegan eCookbook


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