Scope and Purpose 1. This requires full documentation and continuous maintenance of the context of records creation and use, most importantly the provenance of archives and records. ISAD G also recognises the possibility of capturing and maintaining contextual information independently and linking that contextual information to the combination of other information elements used to describe archives and records. The practice enables the linking of descriptions of records creators and contextual information to descriptions of records from the same creator s that may be held by more than one repository and to descriptions of other resources such as library and museum materials that relate to the entity in question. Such links improve records management practices and facilitate research. Such standardization is of particular international benefit when the sharing or linking of contextual information is likely to cross national boundaries.

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This may include information on gender, nationality, family and religious or political affiliations. Wherever possible, supply dates as an integral component of the narrative description. RULES Record the legal status and where appropriate the type of corporate body together with the covering dates when this status applied.

Record the functions, occupations and activities performed by the entity being described, together with the covering dates when useful. If necessary, describe the nature of the function, occupation or activity. The first Viscount Campden amassed a large fortune in trade in London and purchased extensive estates, including Exton Rutland and Chipping Campden Gloucestershire. The Barham Court Kent estate was the acquisition of the first Baron Barham, a successful admiral and naval administrator First Lord of the Admiralty Record any document, law, directive or charter which acts as a source of authority for the powers, functions and responsibilities of the entity being described, together with information on the jurisdiction s and covering dates when the mandate s applied or were changed.

En , le prfet devient dans le dpartement "le seul charg de ladministration" art. Lordonnance du 6 novembre rduit le Conseil de prfecture de la Somme 3 membres. Le dcret du 28 mars le rduit de 5 4 membres, confirm par la loi du 21 juin La loi du 6 septembre rforme lorganisation des conseils de prfecture, quelle supprime intgration au conseil de prfecture interdpartemental de Rouen.

Ces derniers sont, par dcret du 30 septembre , rebaptiss "tribunaux administratifs". France, Archives dpartementales de la Somme Note: For the authority entry " Somme, prfecture" PURPOSE To indicate the sources of authority for the corporate body, person or family in terms of its powers, functions, responsibilities or sphere of activities, including territorial. EXAMPLE En el Antiguo Rgimen no exista un sistema reglado, sometido a una ley de procedimiento, lo que dificulta la fijacin exacta del periodo de vigencia del cuerpo normativo.

Rule: Record the authorized form of name and any relevant unique identifiers, including the authority record identifier, for the related entity.

Rule: Record a general category into which the relationship being described falls. Hierarchical e. Rule: Record a precise description of the nature of the relationship between the entity described in this authority record and the other related entity, e. Rule: Record when relevant the commencement date of the relationship or succession date and, when relevant, the cessation date of the relationship.



International Standard Archival Authority Record



Mapping of ISAAR (CPF) to Spectrum 5.0


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