With the Ibanez Jemini, Dr Vai is seeking to redefine the humble distortion pedal for the needs of modern guitarists, who tend to achieve distortion a little differently to players of 25 years ago when everyone used an ADA MP-1 into the effects return of a Marshall JCM or 35 years ago Marshalls cranked up to Modern guitarists often layer different kinds of distortion together, or they seek pure preamp-type gain. The Jemini has you covered either way. The input and output jacks are mounted either side of the unit, and the 9v adaptor jack is at the top. It might be more pedalboard-friendly to have all the jacks at the top, methinks.

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Two pedals in one, 3 buttons plus a stompswitch for each effect tone, gain, level. Well, after this, it breaks no brick level features is the analog transistor. Ah, I forgot: the colorful design is still the effect! You mean the page pub where Steve Vai describes its settings on the pedal? On this point, well we can not do better, so We must know: it is a Vai signature, and he has a guitar that has a very pronounced acute, not me.

But that does not bother me. In any case, for solo boost, so nearly perfect. The tube screamer direct its clear the amp, so good. It does not break bricks, it can make the stuffing on the occasion for a little crunch, but I do not know what to say, but I wonder how Steve Vai happens to sound like that out of this pedal in the video demonstration I tried everything: live or in several amps in the box directly to the mixer.

It sounds like a fuzz went wrong: no sustain, too much gain, a bee in his agony, treble horrible, really horrible Balance therefore very mixed.

The note speaks for itself. I had not tried other models of tube screamer before, I had not even tried this pedal before, needless to say I was very disappointed However, the super paint "color mixing" of the pedal is great. But if you do not care to have a distortion, if you just want a boost for solos, and if you like green, you know what to do Especially since the pedal in question is less expensive than the Jemini. If I keep it in fact it only for its looks! So, choose either to look for either a Maxon or Ibanez OD Did you find this review helpful?


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Save reduces the current to 23mA for darker stages, and saves battery power in so doing. Check em out if you happen to have those pedals too. Shrouded in mystery, the highly anticipated, limited-run Jemini Distortion pedal has arrived. Only pages in English are the cover and pages 3 and 4. Channel two is a more face-melting and hair-raising affair. This pedal is almost exclusively designed for Amnual fans, guys who have the guitars, the amps and other ephemera associated with the man in question, or at the very least those who are beginning to get into the Vai sound. Let us know how your experience ibanwz at je,ini Sacramento show.


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