From securing access to a building or Hewlett-Packard preventing unauthorized logons, this technology and the software designed for it, work Company together to provide an extra layer of security for your iPAQ Pocket PC h Series. Page 3 biometric security with the iPAQ Pocket PC h series b i o m e t r i c s a n d F i n g e r C h i p t e c h n o l o g y With the limitations of existing security tools such as user IDs and passwords becoming evident, biometrics have become a promising solution in providing security to computer systems. Fingerprint enrollment involves fingerprint acquisition and image reconstruction, fingerprint image processing and feature extraction, fingerprint image quality evaluation, and template generation. Page 5 biometric security with the iPAQ Pocket PC h series fingerprint image processing and feature extraction Reliable fingerprint feature extraction is the foundation of accurate fingerprint matching.

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The only Jornada model that remains is the mini-clamshell The latter two are also offered as the and for home and home office users. The two differ in slightly different software configurations. All have transflective displays. So where does the new fit in? In short, it is HPs new high-end model offering a overhauled design, comprehensive built-in wireless, and a novel integrated security feature in the form of a biometric fingerprint reader.

Specs and features are roughly the same as the Series models, so the choice may well come down to some basic math. The latter may be important to some in our increasingly paranoid corporate world, but the real clencher is the integrated wireless LAN. In order to get that for a Series iPAQ you need an The base CF card expansion pack and an It is a newer model and packs a number of features into one package that would cost more to add on to the older one.

That said, having built-in While the new standard runs on top of So that is a serious question for any potential corporate Series customer.

It is a small, unobtrusive indentation strip below the navigation disc. According to HP, it is actually a thermal sensor that reads the unique data of your finger print.

Unlike earlier iPAQs, the Series has a removable battery pack. I very much applaud that for a number of reasons. Second, it precludes having a freshly charged spare battery or the option of a larger battery. With the Series, HP offers both: you can get a spare power pack, and you can even buy an extended pack with twice the punch 2,mAH instead of the standard 1,mAH.

A backup battery means you can replace power packs without losing data. However, unlike in the Dell Axim, the backup battery is not user-replaceable. Unlike in the last Series iPAQ we reviewed, the adapter is no longer permanently connected to the power cord, but is attached via a separate rubber strap. In my opinion, this is a must!

With the display, HP retains that leadership position. Not only does the have a large and very crisp 3. The has it and it works as advertised. Why it is necessary in a device designed for corporate markets I am not quite sure. Interestingly, we found a SIM slot under the battery of your So the only way you could possibly use the as sort of a phone is by locating a third party Voice-over-IP application. The , being a top-of-the-line device comes with the Pocket PC Premium edition that does not require loading of any PPC core components.

The Series comes with a new cradle design that is not compatible with older iPAQs. The dock is designed so that you can insert the iPAQ even with a sleeve. The performed substantially higher in all benchmarks than a MHz StrongARM-based iPAQ , though those benchmark edges did not translate into noticeable improvements in everyday use.

This, I suppose, must wait until all software has been optimized for XScale.


HP iPAQ h4000 Series User Manual



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