Here are 85 recipes for cheeses and other dairy products that require basic cheese making techniques and the freshest of ingredients, offering the satisfaction of turning out a coveted delicacy. Among the step-by-step tested recipes for cheese varieties are farmhouse cheddar, gouda, fromage blanc, queso blanco, marscarpone, ricotta, and minute mozzarella. Recipes for dairy products include crFme frafche, sour cream, yogurt, keifer, buttermilk, and clotted cream. Profiles of home cheese makers and artisan cheese makers scattered throughout the text share the stories of people who love to make and eat good cheese. Plus information on how to enjoy homemade cheeses, how to serve a cheese course at home, cheese tips, lore, quotes, cheese making glossary, and more. First of all examining a book is good nonetheless it depends in the content from it which is the content is as scrumptious as food or not.

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About Our Company New England Cheesemaking Supply Company In we opened our cheese making supply company and have been spreading the joy of home cheese making ever since. Over the years we have brought together a wonderful community of home cheese makers from across the world to join in our delicious adventure.

Read More Since we opened our doors at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, well over , people have learned to make delicious, fresh cheese at home through our fun hands-on workshops. Our classes have attracted cooking teachers, home cooks, authors, artists, restaurateurs, and chefs. From beginners through advanced, students delight in making a variety of cheeses and learning about this wonderful artisanal craft. Over the years our desire to teach home cheese making has spread even further than our workshops, filling our website, cheesemaking.

Along with educational resources our site also features the best selection of equipment and the finest ingredients for making cheese and other dairy products. Customers supply the milk, and we take care of the rest. People looking for individual items can purchase essentials like cultures, rennet, cheesecloth, wax, molds, thermometers, and presses.

We also carry a range of kits which include supplies and recipes needed to make delectable cheese right at home. At the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, we are committed to sustainability and the support of local business, our local community, and the cheese-making community worldwide. We also believe in the importance of loving what we do.

In sharing stories and recipes, teaching classes, and providing buyers with the finest cheese making products, our enthusiasm and love for our work and our customers shines through. Ricki Carroll Founder Cheese Queen A true pioneer of home cheesemaking, Ricki is a multifaceted leader who spreads joy throughout her life. Artist, activist, teacher, writer, songstress, and mother of two beautiful daughters, she is devoted to living sustainably within a loving community.

Read More Through decades of perfecting the art of home cheesemaking, she has fittingly earned the moniker, "The Cheese Queen," a title which she wears with honor. Filled with a love of art from childhood, Ricki graduated from Tufts University in Art Education and went on to teach elementary school art in her hometown, Englewood, New Jersey.

While at Tufts, Ricki met her future husband, Bob Carroll, from Concord, Massachusetts, and the pair eventually landed in the small town of Ashfield, Massachusetts with a fixer upper and four acres. With a desire to become more self-sufficient, hearty gardens and delightful animals filled Rickis life. Soon, an excess of goats milk sparked interest in home cheese making. This spark quickly ignited a passion, and the couple opened the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company in The first of its kind, the company provided people across America - and eventually the world - with products to make delicious cheese at home.

Wanting to spread her love and knowledge of home cheesemaking Ricki also began hosting workshops right in her own kitchen.

Taking sole responsibility for the company in , Ricki made it what it is today by freely offering knowledge and making cheesemaking fun. Her popular book, Home Cheese Making, often referred to as the "bible of home cheesemaking" has taught hundreds of thousands across the world, some of whom have become artisanal cheesemakers with award winning cheese.

Ricki is always filled with such joy when she attends cheese events and is approached time and time again with gleeful smiles and a hearty "thank you for getting me started "whey" back in the day.

Lush lupine and sprawling wisteria dance among other flowers and colorful heart-embellished shingles grace the exterior; the interior displays eclectic furnishings, bright handmade patchwork quilts, vibrant dolls from around the world, and hand-painted messages on walls and furniture. It is a domicile that makes all who enter smile. She hosts many concerts in her home and regularly participates in national and international singing events.

Whether for cheese making instruction or singing, her travels to Canada, England, France, the Netherlands, Africa, and the Republic of Georgia have built many long-lasting friendships in this joyful ride we call life. And when your mother is the Cheese Queen that tends to be a rather large mark. Read More Prior to joining the family business, Sarah traveled down her own path which led to an equestrian lifestyle.

No stranger to had work, her days were filled with hauling hay, cleaning stalls and mucky paddock boots. It was all worth it for the connection she had while working with and riding horses.

Later she started teaching others to ride and all of her hard work culminated when she ran her own barn from through Yet, the family business — the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company - lingered in the back of her mind. In , Sarah married her best friend, Mark Chrabascz, and she began supplementing her barn life by working part time within sales for the family company.

Her part time position quickly evolved into a full time commitment, she even found herself at work long past closing, eager to learn as much as possible about daily operations and lend a helping hand. When the company moved to its South Deerfield location in , Sarah traded one set of reins for another when her mother, Ricki Carroll, handed management of daily business operations to her.

These days, inventory is no longer assembled at the dining room table and Sarah can send out an entire catalog with the click of a button, but one constant is the smell of homemade cheese in her own kitchen.

Sarah particularly enjoys designing new products and content. In , Sarah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Jocelyn, who inspired her husband to make a job change of his own. An engineering graduate, Mark now works alongside Sarah and together they continue to spread the love of home cheesemaking far and wide. Mark Chrabascz Technical Director Very Cheesy Engineer With a degree in mechanical engineering, and years of machining experience, Mark brings a mechanical mind to our creative business.

Read More Mark is technically referred to as our Facilities Manager, but being a jack of all trades his role goes much deeper. Mark happily handles a wide variety of tasks which include, maintaining and constructing our computer systems, equipment repairs as needed, new product development and working to optimize the way we process current products.

He even has plans to pair his engineering experience with home cheese making in the future by creating new and exciting product lines. Mark takes pride in his work and what our company stands for, he is especially proud of our involvement with a local veterans work group program.

At home in much of his spare time, Mark can be found in the kitchen, immersed in the old world art of cheese making. After her own two wonderful children, Angie regards her fellow employees as a second family.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with both of her families and appreciates the community in her small-town life.


Home Cheese Making: Recipes for 75 Delicious Cheeses



Home Cheese Making: Recipes for 75 Homemade Cheeses by Ricki Carroll



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