Hessel and his book were linked and cited as an inspiration for the Spanish Indignadosthe American Occupy Wall Street movement and other political movements. His short book Time for Outrage! Con un par de alas. Human rights portal Biography portal. Translations into Japanese, Hungarian, and other languages are planned.

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His paternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants who joined the Lutheran church , and his mother was from a Christian family. His first wife, Vitia, was the daughter of Boris Mirkin-Getzevich.

He later escaped during a transfer to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp , [4] and went to Hannover , where he met the advancing troops of the United States Army. Human Rights advocate, diplomat[ edit ] After the war, Hessel became assistant to Henri Laugier, vice-secretary general of the United Nations in charge of economic and social affairs, and was an observer to the editing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Hessel continued to hold a diplomatic passport , having been named an "ambassador for life". In , along with other former Resistance members, he signed the petition "For a Treaty of a Social Europe" and in August , he was a signatory to an appeal against the Israeli air-strikes in Lebanon.

For my part, having visited Gaza, having seen the refugee camps with thousands of children, the manner in which they are bombed appears as a veritable crime against humanity. It has sold more than 3. Translations into Japanese, Hungarian, and other languages are planned. Ongoing protests in Mexico challenging corruption, drug cartel violence, economic hardship and policies also have been called the Indignados. In it "Stephane Hessel appeals to his readers to save the environment and to embrace the positive.

He also emphasizes the importance of good luck in life". It was translated into 15 foreign languages, from Europe to Asia and South America. He regretted that his words in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung had been perhaps "written too quickly, and read too quickly".

As a supporter of a two state solution , he also told the newspaper: "[A]s long as Palestinian violence exists, but not a Palestinian state , Israel is in danger, because it cannot obtain assistance from the international community against an entity that is not subordinate to international law". The following afternoon his name was a top trending term on Twitter in France and Spain. As that comes to an end, he leaves us a lesson: to refuse to accept any injustice.

His life will continue to inspire our work. For every generation, for young people, he was a source of inspiration but also a reference. At 95, he embodied faith in the future of this new century.





St├ęphane Hessel


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