Kek Safety Instructions Read Instructions Grounding and Polarization AII the safety and operating instructions of your Hafler The power supply cord is of a polarized type designed to reduce the risk of electric shock sustained from a live equipment should be read before power is applied to the equipment. Page 4 Carts Stands Outdoor Antenna Haf,er The equipment should be used only with a cart or stand If an outside antenna is to be used with the HafIer Tuner, of sufficient strength and stability for the use intended. All Hafler products are designed and hsfler made in North America, using the finest components while every possible effort is made to reduce odd-order harmonic distortion, minimize phase shift and broaden the frequency response to ensure the signal transfer from source to destination is pristine and color free. There should be more to using headphones than merely quiet playback. Today, Hafler the tradition by producing the very finest audio components that enthuse and enthrall those that have a particular bend towards spectacular audio. Am still waiting for my Mitsubishi pre to show up or po it would be the main amp in my system.

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The following page lists manuals and schematics for various Hafler and Dynaco products. If you are looking for something specific, please check the list below. This list comprises everything we have available at this time. If you do not find what you are looking for, please note that Radial purchased the Hafler brand and was not involved in any of the manufacturing.

Thus, we do not have source information. We are however working hard at increasing the data on the web site and are encouraging folks to provide data that we can share.

So if you have schematics, manuals or anything else that you believe would be of value to fellow Hafler and Dynaco enthusiasts, please send them our way. The following documentation is provided as reference only. Hafler division of Radial engineering Ltd. Any use of the schematics presented herein is your sole responsibility and is done so under the understanding that you are taking the full and entire risk for their accuracy and that you shall hold Radial Hafler harmless under any and all conditions.

Hafler Radial Engineering Ltd. We kindly ask that you get in touch with your local repair center to see if they can assist by downloading one of the many documents made available on this site.


Hafler PRO5000 Installation And Operation Manual



Hafler Products Shipping Soon


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