Install remote switches for all exterior applications. The Alien Power More information. Check custom input circuit power. Describes how to use a selected menu item.

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Connect the yellow PTO output to an external 12V fordd load. Engine is started and at idle Step 2 Activate Charge Protection. It should be connected to a normally open contact.

Each APCM function is listed along with the appropriate Section s where detailed information can be found. T and C Series: A lower enabling limit can be programmed which allows actuation of the PTO only when the engine speed is below the lower limit, for maximum clutch engagement speed. Provides both pressure and temperature readings. For PTO applications, a slower initial ramp up rate may be beneficial for clutch durability.

The remote switch will function the same as the [FORD] key on the module. Save and exit programming mode by pressing the [FORD] key. It will maintain a steady pump discharge pressure by controlling. Damage to your More information. Press [Ford] key to exit. For Manual Transmission, foot is off clutch pedal 3. Foot off service brake 5. Set parking brake 2. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Parking brake is set 2. Fodd 1 Section 3.

Foot on brake, release parking brake, or take vehicle out of park Normal idle. Step 1 Program the PTO lower limit. Included is a listing and More information. The diagram on the following page provides an graphical overview of the main programming mode. The up ramp rate is how fast the engine ramps up to the desired speed. This default value is adequate for most applications.

Do not bypass reading the manual prior to installation as you may More information. Check for input signal and source voltage lines. The four RPM memories are preset at four intermediate values within the operating range.

Vario Tractors — Fault Codes. Air conditioning, electrical testing just a test. Using Your Arduino, Breadboard and Multimeter. Save and exit programming mode pacm pressing the [FORD] key twice. RPM Control Mode …………………………………………………. Describes how to use a selected menu item. Charge Protection mode can be activated from incab, remotely, and can be programmed to activate automatically on engine start-up.

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Cannot get APCM to work.

This is Menu A. Connect the yellow PTO output to an external 12V electrical load. Parking brake is set 2. The following diagram shows how the upper and lower PTO speed limits function when programmed. Charge Protection mode can only apm activated with all vehicle interlock conditions met, the APCM is for stationary use only. This eliminates the need More information. There are also programmable options for lower and upper limits.



If you want to change how fast the engine speed ramps up, Menu B matters to you. Put voltage back into range, will go to high idle automatically. Operation is subject to the following conditions: The PTO output driver will not be allowed to turn on whenever the actual engine speed exceeds the programmed lower limit. Introduction An ISO Maintain battery charge Elevate engine speed for increased power output at idle Power up an auxiliary PTO with optional upper and lower speed limits Control engine speed from a remote location on the vehicle Elevate idle speed or maintain charge automatically, without additional driver input Section 1.

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