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Mirisar The error results from the fact that only three data points are available and that a linear extrapolation was employed. The molar mass, however, agrees exactly with the fisucoquimica value, probably because of compensating plotting errors. Quimica fisico quimica Domingos row Enviado por: Thus solving for V from eqn 14 we have assuming a perfect gas. Arquivos Semelhantes fisico quimica atkins.

We usually describe this situation by saying that above the critical temperature the liquid phase cannot be produced by the application of pressure alone. It is a limiting law because it holds exactly only under conditions where the gases have no effect upon each other. This mathematical result is consistent with passing from a two phase region more than one volume for a given T and p to a one phase region only one V for a given T and p and this corresponds to the peetr experimental result as the critical point is reached.

Rearranging this result gives an expression for M; once we know the molar mass, we can divide by the molar mass of phosphorus atoms to determine the number of atoms per gas molecule. Any cubic equation has certain properties, one of which is that there are some values of the coefficients of the variable where the number of real roots passes from three to one.

We at,ins the partial pressure of water, which is 53 per cent of the equilibrium vapour pressure at the given temperature and standard pressure. Parte 1 de 4 Part 1: The value obtained for R deviates from the accepted value by 0. Fisicoquimmica can only be true in the limit of zero pressure where the molecules of the gas are very far apart. In fact, any equation of state of odd degree higher than 1 can in principle account for critical behavior because for equations of odd degree in V there are necessarily some values of temperature and pressure for which the number of real roots of V passes from n odd to 1.

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