The Ethnological Notebooks of Karl Marx Marxist, XXXIV, 3, July-September Archana Prasad Karl Marx Some Methodological Reflections The development of capitalism in different parts of the world had, to a large extent, multiple trajectories, because it encountered concrete situations with pre-existing institutions and social relations that shaped the system. In other words the diverse interactions between capital and pre-capitalist social formations generated manifestations of the domination of capital and patterns of surplus extraction. Carriers of capital got into both conflict and negotiation with pre-capitalist power structures. As a result such social and economic structures either got weakened or acquired a new meaning with the penetration of capitalism. This essay focuses on the methodological issues that arise out of the historical reality of the interaction between capital and social institutions that pre-dated its existence. The essay is divided into three sections.

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London Uebersetzten d. Nach Mr. Whitley Stokes das erstere compiled in od. Buch v. Aicill ein Jhdt fruher. Brehons a class of professional Irish Lawyers, whose occupation became hereditary. VI, 13, The learned writer of one of the modern prefaces prefixed to the Third Volume of the Ancient Law contends that the administration of the Brehon system consisted in references to arbitration p. Ancient Laws etc. His invention necessarily limited by his experience, and hence the cases suggested in the law tracts Patrick and the other great Irish Saints had sanctioned the law which he declared, and that some of them even revised it.

Churchmen, die mit notions of roman law [rather ditto of canonical law] more or less imbued, kam auch d. Anciently, the power of contract is limited on all sides The Corus Bescna is in great part a treatise on these ancient limitations. The common view seems to have been that d. The change is extremely gradual etc. Tribe in its largest extension u. Brehon tracts. It is the part des territory woruber d. Brehon law shows that by the time it was put into shape, causes etc.

Der Sir John Davis, in seinem report of the case u. He did not divide the estate of the dead man among his children, but used it to increase the allotments of the various households of which the Sept was made up. Calcutta Review, July , p.

Sache falsch! Aber noch vor 50 Jahren, cases were frequent wo d. Superior ownership arises through purchase from small allodial proprietors? When this writer affirms that, under certain circumstances, a tribesman may grant or contract away tribal land, his ecclesiastical leaning constantly suggests a doubt as to his legal doctrine.

The Will, the Contract, and the Separate Ownership, were in fact indispensible to the Church as the donee of pious gifts. All the Brehon writers have a bias towards private or several, as distinguished from collective, property. III, 47, Der collective brotherhood of tribesmen, wie der Agnatic Kindred in Rom, some ultimate right of succession appears to be reserved. Uebersetzg kennt, nicht d.

Text, so pfiffig war sich vor d. Publication figdes mittheilen zu lassen: D. Zeitbestinimgen ideales arrangement des Brehon lawgiver, aber d. Herr Maine d. In the earliest stage the various households reclaim the land without set rule. Next comes the system of exchanging lots. Finally, the portions of land are enjoyed in severalty.

The periodical allotment to each household of a definite portion of bogland, wood land, u. Morganschen Iroquois wo d. Beide in most of Western Europe passed through the crucible of feudalism The first the sovereignty of the Chief re-appeared in some well-marked characteristics of military or knightly tenures Andrerseits: Out of tribal ownership in various forms of decay have sprung several systems of succession after death, among them the equal division of the land between the children u.

Ausnahmsregeln des Roman law giving the benefit to milites soldiers on service when making their wills or regulating their successions, and by laying down that every chevalier, u. Recht d. Kinder etc.

Daggen d. A certain number of nobles had, besides their feudal rights, their terres domain, belonging to them in absolute property, and sometimes of enormous extent; d. Gavelkind of Kent u. Bracton [wahrsclich nicht later als 52nd year of Henry III, i. Glanville schreibt as if the general rule of law caused lands held by free cultivators in socage19 to be divided equally between all the male children at the death of the last owner; Bracton, as if the rule of primogeniture applied universally to military tenures and generally to socage tenures.

Risum teneatis! Form d. Verwdlg d. In Scottish Highlands some entire septs or clans stated to have been enslaved to others; u. Opposition zwischen birth u. Geldaristokratie assimilirt mit Blutaristokratie.

Portion of the Danish nobility originally peasants u. Ist simply a peasant, grown rich in cattle, probably through obtaining the use of large portions of tribe-land. Pfaffenjuristen, d. Ausserdem sind sie wie Juristen aller Sorten bei d. Hand mit fictive classifications. At the bottom of the scale is the Aire-desa; u.

Noch in England the great officers of the Royal Council u. Household haben Vorrang vor allen Pairs, od. Household sprang von very humble beginnings. Companions des king in the Irish legal literature nicht noble, u. Companions d. Teutonic Kings shared largely in the Benefices, grants of Roman provincial land fully peopled u.

Es war noch im Mittelalter d. Chief Irish war vor allem reich in flocks u. Companion, der followed him to the foray etc auch enriched by his bounty; if already noble, he became greater; if not noble, the way of nobility lay through wealth.

Nach d. Brehon Law a Chief of high degree is always expected to surround himself with unfree dependents u. Comitatus or Companions of the Chief were freemen, nicht nothwdig od. Brehon Laws spielen grosse Rolle horned cattle, i. Vor allem aber kine cows. Capitale — kine reckoned by the head, cattle has given birth to one of the most famous terms of law and one of the most famous terms of political economy, Chattels and Capital.

Erst nach u. The same causes which altered the position of the ox and turned him into an animal partially adscriptus glebae, undoubtedly produced also a great extension of slavery Enormous importation of slaves into the central territories of the Roman Commonwealth, and the wholesale degradation of the free cultivating communities of Western Europe into assemblages of villeins.

Schwierigkeit — in ancient Ireland — not to obtain land, but the means of cultivating it. Andrerseits scheint aus d. Brehon laws zu folgen that the Chiefs pressed by the difficulty of finding sufficient pasture for their herds. Hence d. Cain-Aigillne, the Law of Saer-Slock tenure u.

Chief Irish — sei er einer d. His own land he may have, consisting of private estate or of official domain, or of both, and over the general tribal land he has a general administrative authority, ever growing greater over that portion of it which is unappropriated waste. It has somehow become of great importance to him to place out portions of his herds among the tribesmen, and they on their part occasionally find themselves through stress of circumstance in pressing need of cattle for employment in tillage.

Zwischenzeit hatte er the advantage of employing them in tillage, and the Chief erhielt the growth and increase [i. Zugleich it is expressly laid down dass d. Daer Stock tenant had parted with some portion of his freedom u. Diese rent in kind, od. Irish chief war wahrscheinlich, sagt Herr Maine, little better housed and almost as poorly furnished out, wie seine tenants, and could not have managed to consume at home the provisions to which his gifts of stock entitled him.

The Brehon law defines and limits the practice narrowly on all sides, but its inconvenience u. Macpherson vgl. Brehon lawyers the relation out of which Daer-stock tenancy and its peculiar obligations arose, were not perpetual. After food-rent and service had been rendered for 7 years [Zeit die Jacob zu dienen hatte?


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Ethnological Notebooks Of Karl Marx: Studies Of Morgan, Phear, Maine, Lubbock


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