By concentrating on these core values, Elcometer has grown into a global network with representation in over 70 countries. With a range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the coatings industry, Elcometer is well positioned to provide you with the solution to your inspection requirements - whatever and wherever they might be. We have a highly skilled production workforce that build and assembly the majority of our key products in our own manufacturing facilities. We firmly believe in the philosophy that our customers are buying a commitment to great service when they come to Elcometer. A large number of you that come back to Elcometer to purchase your inspection equipment, because of our our trustworthy advice and straight talking. Elcometer commits major resources to Research and Development.

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The new Elcometer separate coating thickness gauge sets new standards measuring the thickness of a coating, helping you to become more efficient.

Separate models, with their wide range of probes , provide even greater measurement flexibility. Beginning with Model E and ending with Model T, the Elcometer is available in four different models.

Each model level offers increased functionality designed to meet your specific needs. Learn more about the range of Elcometer models by reading our Elcometer model specifications page. With a choice of intelligent, ergonomic probes, designed for continuous use and field replaceable probe tips you can inspect all day, everyday. The built in signal strength indicator on the Elcometer Coatings on Concrete Gauge prevents false or incorrect readings, as the gauge only displays the coating thickness measurement if the signal strength indicator goes green.

Separate Probes for Elcometer Separate Coating Thickness Gauge All Elcometer probes are fully interchangeable and are available in a number of designs and scale ranges to meet your specific application. Ferrous probes measure non magnetic coatings on ferro-magnetic substrates. Elcometer ferrous gauges accept any ferrous probe. Non-ferrous probes measure non conductive coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates and Elcometer non-ferrous gauges accept any non-ferrous probe.

Dual FNF probes measure both ferrous and non-ferrous applications with automatic substrate detection. Every Elcometer gauge and separate probe is supplied with a Test Certificate free of charge.

For separate gauges, the test measurements are generated using factory reference probes. Digital Automotive Paint Meter Elcometer The Elcometer Automotive Paint Meter is the fastest automotive paint gauge on the market today, used to instantly measure paint thickness and provide an indication of the overall condition of paint work. The Ferrous paint meter is ideal for measuring coatings on steel body panels. The FNF paint meter enables the user to measure on both steel and aluminium panels using one gauge with automatic switching.

Pre-calibrated on steel and aluminium car body panels, the Elcometer paint meter is very easy to use. Check pieces are supplied with each instrument to verify accuracy. With a comprehensive range of Probe Modules available, simply select the most appropriate for the application. All modules are supplied with calibration foils.


Used Elcometer 355 coating thickness gauge

Kagajind Ideal for precision placement for the most accurate results on flat and curved surfaces. Elcometer Probe — N1 Standard. With a comprehensive range of Probe Modules available, simply select the most appropriate for the application. ElcometerCoating Thickness Elcometfr Standard. Elcometer Modular Coating Thickness Gauges For the most reliable and repeatable coating thickness measurements, making the gauge score highly in repeatability and reproducibility studies. We wish dlcometer and yours a Happy Holiday Season!


Elcometer 355 Coating Thickness Gauge



Elcometer Standard Film Thickness Gauge 355


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