Hygiene Labotec Ds C1 Consealed grid. Demountable tiles Master Rigid Dp Semi-concealed grid system. Hygiene Foodtec A Visible grid. The edges are natural. E-tools overview Drawing Aid Maintenance guide iPad app. Focus Ds Concealed grid.

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Mami For humid environments in kitchens, food and beverage industries. Ecophon has business units in 14 countries, delegations in another 30 countries worldwide, and approximately employees. Gedina A with Extra Bass Visible grid. Acoustic knowledge bank overview Basic acoustics Planning for good room acoustics When designing for good acoustics Acoustics glossary.

Acoustic solutions Find the best acoustic solution for different types of indoor environments. For dry environments in the pharmaceutical and electronic industries. For humid environments in showers etc. Master E Recessed visible grid. UK and Ireland Office.

For dry environments in health care premises. For humid and corrosive environments and areas with airborne grease. Advantage overview Advantage A Visible grid. Combison Duo A Visible grid. Sombra products provide absorption class A. Hygiene Foodtec Baffle Vertically hanging absorber. Hygiene Protec A Visible grid. Focus Entering a universe of design flexibility.

Akusto Exploring a vertical smbra variety. The head office is located in Hyllinge, just outside Helsingborg, Sweden. Sombra overview Sombra A Visible grid. The Qr code includes the static URL below and will bring somvra back to this page if scanned by a device like iPhone or smartphone. Description Links Related Classification Region For applications requiring a dark ceiling having eocphon light reflection and good sound absorbing properties. Ecophon Line A fully integrated luminaire.

Gedina overview Gedina A Visible grid. Modern slavery act Focus Ds Concealed grid. For humid environments and areas with airborne grease. Focus Ds Concealed grid. Industry RTP Visible grid. Access Frieze Creating a smooth transition between Access system and wall.

Ecophon product range This film presents our product families which are developed to meet different market needs. Hygiene Foodtec Wall Vertical wall absorber. Contact overview Download brochures HR contact. Akusto overview Akusto Wall A Visible profiles. Gedina overview Gedina A Visible ecophin. Generating and understanding speech Sound pressure level What is sound insulation?

Focus E Recessed visible grid. Master Ds Concealed grid. Inspiration Acoustic solutions Sustainability Contact us Legal information. Solo Baffle Wall Vertically installed unframed baffles. Combison Duo E Recessed visible grid. Related Posts.


Ecophon Sombra™ Ds





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