Ask for inner guidance. Listen to your dreams. Orloff returns to these steps in every chapter, offering more explanation, a different slant, practical exercises, and ways to apply each step to different areas of your life. For example, in the helpful "Sacred Healing Partnerships" chapter, she applies these steps to choosing the right health practitioner. Orloff is articulate and warm, inviting you to make her world your own with clear explanations, practical strategies, and numerous detailed, personal anecdotes. Judith Orloff leads readers to the heart of a radical revolution in health care: the union of medicine and intuition, of body, mind, and soul.

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When patients come to see me, I listen to them with my intellect as well my intuition, a potent form of inner wisdom not mediated by the rational mind. Sometimes I experience it as a snap-shot-like flash, a gut feeling, a hunch, a physical sensation, a dream.

Whatever the form, it is always a friend, keeping a steady eye on our bodies and spirits, letting us know if something is out of sync. As a psychiatrist I see many people with everything material they can ever want, and still they feel lost. Intuition is not something I simply teach my patients. It has become a way of life for me. The magic of intuition is that it insists you live in the moment with no expectations, a continuing freshness.

Intuition is our birthright, available to everyone. I live by these five steps; they continue to sustain me. I suggest you give them a try. Step 1: Notice Your Beliefs Your beliefs set the stage for healing.

Positive attitudes stimulate growth. Negative attitudes impede it. No organ system stands apart from your thoughts. Your beliefs program your neurochemicals. This will free you from unconscious negative beliefs that can sabotage your healing.

You must make a commitment to be in it completely to heal. Most people in Western society are conditioned to live from the neck up, ignoring the rest of their body.

This stance is counter-intuitive. Being aware of the sensuousness of your body opens intuition. This gives you a head-start on preventing illness, choosing healthy relationships, and avoiding detrimental situations. From an intuitive point of view, these vibrantly colored energy fields, whose centers are called chakras have a significant effect on our health. For that reason, it is important that we learn to sense this energy within us, recognize when it is off, and learn to correct the imbalance.

Feeling energy can be very sensual, an extension of love. Step 4: Ask for Inner Guidance We each possess an intuitive voice that contains answers about our healing.

Because our intellect is often so loud, this voice often gets drowned out. Spend a few minutes each day devoted to listening to this voice. It may appear as a gut feeling, a hunch, an image, a sound, a memory, an instant knowing-as if a light bulb suddenly switched on. Learn to trust the signals your inner wisdom sends. Every ninety minutes each night during the REM stage of sleep, we dream. Dreams provide answers about health, relationships, career choices, any new direction.

The secret is to remember them. I suggest keeping a dream journal by your bed. Before you go to sleep, ask a dream a question. Try repeating the question, every night for the next week until your answer comes. As a physician, I have a continual sense of awe for the relationship between body and spirit.

As your heart opens, so does your intuition. Your intuition will teach you how to see and how to love. It will instill in you a renewed faith to face anything.

She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. Orloff also specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice.


5 Steps to Intuitive Healing



Guide to Intuitive Healing Description



Guide to Intuitive Healing


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