He tries to confesses his feelings to Risa Harada but finds out she only likes him as a friend. When he challenges the training traps at his house, Daisuke transforms into the phantom thief Dark a black angel that has reside within the male members of the Niwa family for generations with the purpose of stealing cursed artworks. Dark makes a bet with Daisuke in which Dark wins. Daisuke and Dark have to find out, so they can save the Harada twins and steal an enchanted painting artwork of a girl and her Unicorn. Risa Riku in disguise and Daisuke get an exciting detention of cabbage shredding, but can Daisuke break out in time for his next phantom thief mission?

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Edit Dark was created centuries prior to the events in the manga by the artist Hikari. He has been hunted by the descendants of Hikari, who inherited his separated other half and arch nemesis, Krad. Though he and Krad "call out" to each other as halves of the same artwork, Krad cannot transform through Hikari females; this does not prevent the females from hunting Dark. Over the centuries, the main branch of the Niwa family cooperated with Dark to steal Hikari artworks.

Dark consciously mitigated the effects of his unintentional curse to ensure neither he nor his hosts suffered unnecessarily: he continued to make it difficult for the Niwas to fulfill their love and pass on their cursed genes , but he only transformed their bodies through powerful feelings of love, which greatly reduced the pain and physical strain [14] [23].

Ninety-nine years prior to the present setting, the Niwas acquired a demon rabbit named With, whom Dark uses as his wings rather than generating his own. Daiki Niwa was his 18th tamer, and Dark considers him to be very skilled [25].

Before his year disappearance, Dark casually suggested that Daiki "become one" with him. However, their lover had chosen Daiki over Dark at the time, so Dark smiled sadly and was not heard within Daiki again [26]. When Emiko Niwa was a small child, she cried out to Dark to let her become a phantom thief.

He heard her but could do nothing [27]. He praises Daisuke for making it so far on his own and uses With as a distraction to escape with his first stolen artwork in 40 years. Forty years before the main events, with Daiki Niwa as his host, Dark starts sealing the dangerous Adonis of the Promise Garden statue. Return Edit Unlock After his first heist with Daisuke, he almost transforms back into the boy after seeing Risa.

The process forces him to land on the Harada terrace, where Riku stands. Before she can alert anyone, he kisses her to keep her silent [29]. The next day, as a golden bird artwork is causing different accidents in town, Dark is sent to the Central Church with a map and an enchanted feather which can be used to stun the artwork for enough time to bring it to the Niwa household.

Before leaving, he expresses his will to stay in control all the time and comes up with a challenge. The thief writes a letter for Daisuke in which he dares him to escape from the heist place using only his own skills: if the boy gets caught, Dark will be allowed to do whatever he wants.

Dark sealing the relief. After infiltrating the church and stealing the bird relief by replacing the original with a projection, the thief changes back into Daisuke; the challenge begins. Despite Daisuke successfully evading capture, Dark takes control to talk to Risa and jokingly asks her out on a date. When she gets his attention again, he remembers the woman he truly loves and reverts to Daisuke [17]. Dark uses a magic feather to enter the unicorn painting.

The following day, a unicorn painting causes multiple girls to disappear around town. Despite wanting to handle the heist by himself, Daisuke must transform into Dark to enter the painting.

Dark, wielding the black feather, activates its magic with a German spell and enters the painting. Misaki tells the unicorn to remove Dark, however the sight of the thief in pain frees Risa from the spell. Dark summons With with his feather, trapping the unicorn in a portal and freeing the children.

Dark grabs her hand when Risa hesitates to leave Misaki and reassures her that the latter will no longer be lonely. Back in the castle, Dark smugly flies away with Risa in his arms after Riku accuses the thief of being a pervert.

Dark brings her to a cliff of wind turbines above the city and tries to kiss her. Dark teasing Daisuke. One following morning, Daisuke is awaken by a dream where Risa suddenly turns into Satoshi Hiwatari. Dark teases him and suggests an attraction for his male classmate, earning vehement outcries.

Krad appears before them and Dark tells Daisuke how Satoshi bears a similar curse to theirs. A fight between the two angels ensues and Dark does his best to not rely on magic for the sake of his host. Dark catches Emiko. He also comes up with a present idea. Dark tells him to warn Daiki as soon as possible.

At 6pm, Dark flies over town to find the couple again. Dark later confronts the Adonis, who explains he would rather get sealed than live without his lover. Dark is ready to seal it, but the Adonis asks for a delay, as he wants to be sealed in what remains of the Promise Garden in front of the woman he loves.

Dark makes sure Ayaka watches the Adonis disappear. The following evening, Dark meets with the Adonis and Ayaka to dispose of the artwork for good. No seal is required as, deprived of his energy, the statue fades into the air. Dark makes sure Ayaka watches it disappear until the very end. When the young woman cries, he suggests she jumps off the cliff, and compliments her when she affirms her desire to live [18]. The following evening, Dark knocks all the guards out and sneaks in the museum effortlessly.

The following evening, as promised, Dark comes back to the museum to steal the Agate Links. However, Takeshi Saehara is ready to protect the girl and fights him with a baseball bat. In front of his stubbornness, Dark has to use a feather to disarm him. However, Takeshi manages to escape with the necklace before Dark can get it. The boy accidentally falls from the roof and Dark sends With to cushion his fall.

The thief then uses a feather to steal the necklace [20]. Before leaving, he notices how peculiar it feels to use magic with his old host in separate bodies. Dark arrives right as Daisuke is losing his fight against the cursed violin in his attempt to protect a young and knocked out Daiki. Dark intervenes to protect his weak host and fights the instrument. Both the violin and Vandembagu defeated, he takes Daisuke back to the present right before their allowed time is up [32].

Dark has to avoid traps in a crumbling temple. One evening, Dark announces he will steal the Horn of Neptune from an underwater temple near the coast. After making With transform into him and using him as a bait to distract the police force, he steals one of their scooters and turns their high tech devices against them to enter the temple.

Dark faces Satoshi Hiwatari in front of the statue of Neptune and the boy proves himself a worthy opponent with more technological devices. That is, until the thief steals his remote. Dark destroys the statue and takes the Horn of Neptune, but the policeman switches to a magic set of hourglasses that paralyse him.

As a last resort, Dark uses explosives he had placed earlier in a corridor and the temple is submerged by water. The thief swims back to the surface and calls With to fly home [33]. Dark tries to comfort his uncertain host, explaining this is how fathers are. Indeed, Dark noticed Satoshi Hiwatari has the real artwork, and as thief and police commander face each other in one of the police vans, Krad threatens to appear.

Hiwatari tells the driver to start the engine and Krad takes advantages of the small environment to use the Rutile of Grief to enhance his powers and hurt Dark. Daisuke suddenly has a vision of his father explaining to him that the fake Rutile Dark is currently wearing has special abilities of its own, and the child misunderstands the information as the counterfeit absorbing the pain.

Dark uses the occasion to destabilise Krad and steal the Rutile from him. Krad falls into the ocean and changes back into Satoshi. Krad knocked Risa and Takeshi unconscious. Dark has another occasion to use the Rutile replica when he must steal the Eternal Mark. The thief immediately gives energy to the dying artwork through a kiss, much to her delight. Daisuke is also affected: the boy forgets part of what he saw of his own future [34].

Dark brings Towa home and turns back into Daisuke for the night. The thief concludes the Rutile is disturbing their DNA and allows them to change without the picture of Risa they usually use. Dark kisses Towa the following morning to wake her up, and turns into Daisuke randomly again, but not without teasing him. The teasing increases as Daisuke is pursued by his new classmate Mio Hio all day.

The boy has just enough time to run away before Dark takes his place [35]. Desire and Honesty Unlock Dark and Risa, about to kiss for the first time. Risa and Dark spend part of the evening together, and this is an occasion for them to chat. When Dark tells the girl kisses are like greetings for him, she asks for one and he grants her wish [35].

Dark knocks Risa unconscious with a feather and escapes, using the Rutile to blind police officers with a flash. He then changes back and lets the boy fall on the ground [37].

The thief however one day notices Daisuke is painting a snowy landscape he knows well, as this is where Rika and him parted. He wonders out loud whether his host has access to his memories. Dark is blocked by a barrier as Daisuke enters the artwork. A few days later, Daisuke rises out of bed despite a cold and walks to Fountain Park in the middle of the night. The inside of the fountain reveals a huge passage leading to an underground chapel, where a girl magically appears.

As crystals burst from the floor, Daisuke enters the biggest, central one and Dark is rejected. The thief can only stare as his host is absorbed by the stone. Satoshi Hiwatari joins him and reveals the girl and crystal are an artwork called the Second Hand of Time that was supposed to be sealed. Dark tells him what happened to Daisuke, and leaves. The family quickly links that name to the play their son practices at school, and understands someone must be pulling strings.

Dark decides to solve the next problem himself: he will retrieve said painting from the Harada household. She immediately fights the thief to keep the artwork, joined by Risa , and the painting awakens, taking the three of them into its world [22].


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