Zulkikora Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. He is sweet and charming and can be incredibly funny but at the same time he always seems to be holding back slightly. And I mean this in the most beautiful way possible. I think most people will find her to be original and refreshing.

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I recently got approved for Crossing over at NetGalley and vaguely remembering that it was a contemporary new adult romance, I delved right into it. Coupled with that wistful, swoony cover, I thought for sure I will enjoy the time I spend reading it while trying to lull myself to sleep. Then I got to the amazing blurbs and I knew I will enjoy for sure.

Enjoy I did! She deadpans and delivers self-deprecating jokes. A girl can dream! Dani is so like me, with our body issues and our notions about how people belong to certain levels in the appearance scale and that they almost usually only date people on their levels. I completely resonated with her because while I do wish I was skinnier, I accept the way I look and am too lazy to work out.

Our similarities are so abundant that I just felt like I was her except for her well-endowed rack and rear. Their acting class sure seemed like a blast and their smartmouthedness had me laughing so many times. And of course, the steamy scenes were steamy. Then the secret was brought up and I was intensely curious to know what it was. The twist is so unique, which made this novel one-of-a-kind.

I have never read anything like this. I thought I was in for your run-of-the-mill contemporary NA romance and I was so wrong. It delved into a lifestyle I never even knew before reading this and it had me googling and reading and understanding a lot. A whole lot. I was confused but now I am starting to understand. So on that front alone, I thank you Stacey for making me a whole lot worldlier than I was a few hours ago. I think it takes a lot of courage to write something so personal as I know how much research writers do just to make everything feel organic.

But here, you know she experienced these firsthand. Of course she admitted to taking some artistic liberties and embellished it for public consumption but to come up with a novel from your own experience is courageous as it is. Stacey put the right amount of spotlight on her past but had the story moving along to more pressing issues at hand. India, however hateful, quite redeemed herself in the end.

I love how much this novel promotes individuality and being who you are, accepting and living your identity. I think it sends a nice message to anyone reading it.

With a winning and completely relatable at least for me and relating heroine who breaks molds with her plus size, it was completely not what I expected at one in the morning but turned out to be what I completely needed to read without me even knowing it. It entirely took me by surprise and I thank and love my insomnia-induced hunger for reading that led me to this wonderful novel.


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