Understanding the End Times Kim Riddlebarger Grand Rapids Although accurately titled as a case for amillennialism, this book is also written as a case against premillennialism. And to a lesser degree it is a case against postmillennialism, especially in its points of similarity to amillennialism. Classic postmillennialism of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has been modified at present in light of the chaotic and war-ravaged state of the world since World War I. Actually belief in a millennial reign of Christ following His return to earth in effect, premillennialism was the belief of most church fathers from Papias A. The same point is also made on pages 11, 19, 82, 87, in spite of the fact that Revelation —7 refers six times to the thousand years as a future event, a declaration obviously meant to be taken seriously. For amillennialists, therefore, the entire Book of Revelation describes the present church age rather than future events following the rapture of the church.

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After coming to saving faith in , I attended a number of churches that held to the Dispensational view of eschatology. Together they have completely obliterated any lingering dispensational leanings I may have been holding on to. I do, however, A Case for Amillennialism is a thorough, well-organized, and easy to read book on the topic of Amillennialism.

I do, however, continue to waffle between being postmil and amil. I admire him as a teacher and theologian and it was his book What Is Reformed Theology? In his book The Last Days According to Jesus , which I also read this year, he laid out the case for postmillennialism partial preterist very succinctly. Thankfully my salvation does not depend on which side of the debate I come down on. One of my professors found this to be a good read, so I picked it up. I considered myself Amill before reading this book, but now I find myself to be very convinced.

I cannot get over the problems that premillennialists must overcome in order to remain consistent with their own framework. I wish he could have nuanced the diversity of premillennial views such as the emerging progressive dispensational view more often, but the book would have been far too long for the average reader.

Overall, quite pleased with this read.


A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times



A Case for Amillennialism


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