Career[ edit ] Carlevaro was a devoted composer. His musical production ranges from his Preludios Americanos, now established as part of the standard concert repertoire, to his Concierto No. His "Concierto del Plata" for guitar and orchestra has been interpreted by important European and American symphony orchestras. An indefatigable researcher , Carlevaro has also invented a new guitar Concert-Guitar Model "Carlevaro" , the conception and design of which break away from traditional guitar making. This special model of guitar was first built in by the Spanish luthier Manuel Contreras father in Madrid. The resulting soundboard resembled the shape of a grand piano.

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In some of Parkening recordings for instance you can actually hear the moans of pain here and there. A good set of worn-out strings is better. Trying to play like the "dinosaurs", is prone to make us frustrated. The article you are reading was written in and earlier this year , the legendary American guitarist Christopher Parkening had to retire from playing due to serious lower back problems. And all for what?

Surely not worth the price! For most of the XX century, the guitar was to be played like Segovia did. Be brave and always ask your teacher "why? He would bring hell on Earth if you changed the fingering to his "precious transcriptions".

Look at the video below if you do not believe me. I witnessed that USC Masterclass first hand. Perfection being the ultimate, unattainable goal, makes it understandable that concessions have to be made. But a whole generation of players was stuck on the same variation: To play with the outer part of the nails and twist the body around the guitar like a snake.

There are a zillion better ways to build a career, therefore, take my advice and avoid competitions, plus, a competition won, guarantees nothing. The few bucks evaporate fast and the concert tour is over even before it starts. It is believed that at least 1, "major guitar competitions" winners are still out there.

How many do you know? How many visited your hometown? How many are still playing? Therefore, it is not as personal as it seems. Apprentice and teacher. Same here, plus, everything from the elbow upwards is a "mistake of nature". I can still recall one of my dinosaur teachers saying: "Pretend you are holding a book between your elbow and your waist". I almost became a librarian thanks to that advice!

In , Parkening had to retire from concertizing because of serious lower back related problems. Carlevaro Guitar Technique Compendium I will focus next on guitar technique concepts. So does my playing. We share a deep hate for left hand squeaks and no place in our lives for appoggiato -rest- stroke. Yours will probably be too.

Remember that we are all equal but not all the same. He used his personal taste and uniqueness and the only person he had to convince was himself. His conviction was contagious. When he saw other ways to do things, he observed. He made sure you were conscious of the decisions you were undertaking and approved. You had to show him you were convinced and that was all that mattered to him. Most of the Uruguayan Master concepts are Universal. Of course, intelligence is universal!

What he achieved though, was a lot more. The one path that would lead me to my best playing. Top European immigrants at the turn of the 19th Century gave Montevideo and Uruguay in general, a character that is simply non existent in neighboring Argentina or Brazil. The illiteracy levels in Uruguay are almost 0. That says a lot especially when in many countries there exists a generalized idea that all South America is the same The main difference to his approach, as compared to many others, is that he brings thorough knowledge of anatomy, physics and common sense into the equation.

The first objective to be achieved is: to hold the guitar perfectly still allowing for full freedom of movement for the player. Back pain is one of the most frequent complains of guitar players all over. By setting the feet properly, one in front and the other behind, the player will be able to move his whole body by simply pushing on one foot or another. Not applying pressure on either foot will mean stillness. In order to be able to sit with your feet as shown in the figure below, you will have to sit towards the front-right side of your chair 4 legged chair in order for the right foot to be free to go behind you.

In downtown Asuncion, they have this chair image below on sale which I and a few of my students have bought. It deals with the 4 leg issue of standard chairs, plus it is anatomically comfortable, light and is made of sturdy leather and wood.

It can be folded really easily and carried everywhere. It allows to play with no footstool or with very low setting on the footstool only 17 inches from the floor to the butt. Click on the button to the right if you would like me to purchase and airmail 1 to you.


Carlevaro Technique

Garamar Unfortunly I must learn without a teacher. See what people are saying about. Can I learn the Carlevaro techniques in self-study? Learn to swim between the waves.




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