Books like these make me want to smash my head on the wall repetitively because I cannot, just cannot, understand WHY this book has such high rating. How can somebody be so clueless? Really - the girl has no freaking idea what is going on and all explanations given to her ends up with her exploding off in 1. Really - the girl has no freaking idea what is going on and all explanations given to her ends up with her exploding off in a fit of temper which makes no sense whatsoever. Oh, and the love story. It was a total WTF!

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The concept was super fun but the execution was just okay. They do easily flow together, like a normal book, so no worries there. I have never read a retelling of the Snow White fairytale before. I have to say that Workman really created a fun interpretation of the story. The characters were fascinating and the vampire element added a little something extra. It took some time for me to really see the appeal of Snow, but once I did, I was rooting for her the rest of the time.

She was quirky and silly in the beginning but as the story went on, she showed us her depth and emotional side. Snow got a raw deal when it comes to her family, but her neighbors make up for her absent family. I loved her interaction with the seven brothers. It was so carefree and brotherly well, most of the time. The seven brothers and their guardian Professor Pops were my favorite characters by far. Pops was an amazing father figure for Snow. He did so much for her, always treating her like she was a part of the family.

It makes me all teary eyed just thinking about his kindness. The brothers were fascinating. Each one had a unique personality that drew me to him. Dorian was my favorite from the beginning and stayed that way throughout. He had a great sense of humor and was so laid back but passionate at the same time. His heart was so big; he would do anything for the people he loves.

Gabe was harder for me to like. His attitude about everything irked me. Grow up, Gabe. But I actually liked disliking him. Gotta have those flawed characters. The story was fun overall. Every time I had to put the book down, I rushed to pick it back up even if I rolled my eyes through some of it.

The world fascinated me the most. We really get to learn a lot about the paranormal dimension that most supernatural creatures live in. And the variety of creatures was abundant. I think Workman included every fantasy being under the sun. A lot of fae like creatures especially. I would love to experience this world even more. She would freak for about a hot minute and then go on with life as if nothing happened.

The pacing was off sometimes. It was sometimes too fast. I missed the important build up or dramatic results of a traumatic event. When I really think about it, this book was disjointed in that its failings changed from novella to novella.

I was disappointed to find that many plotlines that seemed like they would be important later either never came up again or were explained quickly as to wrap it up instead of elaborating on it.

I think this book was too busy so these minor plotlines could have been cut completely. A personal dislike of mine was the character Cindy. I was iffy about her from the beginning and her actions throughout only solidified my dislike for her. The Snuggly Blood and Snow took me on a rollercoaster of a romance ride. But each relationship was different. A different kind of love. One was a crush, another was an infatuation, and one was true love.

Though I found it odd how easily Snow switched guys, I still had fun watching her find her "prince. But there is no sex. This is for sure a sexy YA book. The characters and world were fantastical. Even with parts of the plot falling to the wayside, I think many people will love this book.

A recommend read. I snickered, and he gave me a sideways look. My name is Snow White. I slowly licked his neck. Dorian moaned, which sent a lightening bolt of lust low in my belly. My lips touched his neck, and Dorian pulled me closer to him. Oh, please. His scent was heady, intoxicating.


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