Katz rated it did not like it Rachel Wi. He thinks she is the most perfect girl in the world; the only problem is she barely knows that he exists. That all changes when one day Duncan gets in an accident in his garage involving some of his band equipment; he is left with cuts and bruises all Rachel Wi. That all changes when one day Duncan gets in an accident in his garage involving some of his band equipment; he is left with cuts and bruises all over his face. Carly stops promoting her T.

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By: etisopossim Freddie formulates a plan to make Carly love him. Things do not go as planned, and Freddie ends up confused to what he really feels.

Somewhat AU. This story is inspired by Beauty and The Bully. I was reading it and it reminded me of iCarly. Carly Shay. To Freddie, she was like the most beautiful girl in the whole school. No scratch that, the most beautiful girl the whole world. She was smart, pretty and everything that Freddie thought he wanted. He fell in love with her during the first few seconds of their meeting. But to Carly, Freddie was almost invisible, if not non-existent. Because they were destined to be together, like Romeo and Juliet.

But maybe minus the dying part. They were too young to die. He tried his best to get her to notice him, but their only interaction so far was when he waved at her stupidly when she was making a speech in front of the class. She had looked weirdly at him and he mentally kicked himself for looking like an idiot. Freddie Benson was currently leaning against the lockers, waiting for the school bell to ring. He had sneaked out of his class, just so that he can get to her before anyone else can.

All his attempts to ask her out failed, mostly because when the time came, ten other guys will suddenly pop out of nowhere and ask her out. His only consolation is that she turned all of them down. Sometimes it was because he either chickened out or a certain blonde-headed demon had thwarted his carefully thought out plans.

Speaking of blonde demons He felt someone tap his shoulder, and he jumped. He turned around, expecting an angry teacher to be staring down at him. But instead, he was greeted by a laughing blonde holding a marker in front of his face.

Before he could react, she had drawn two curly lines above his mouth and shaded his chin. After a moment, she stepped back and observed her work. She giggled at the sight of him, and then went off merrily to the cafeteria, as though Freddie had not comically grown a curly mustache and a crudely drawn beard.

Freddie just stood there, his mouth open. What the- did she just draw all over his face? He was still standing there, still trying to process what had happened. Why did she always have to ruin his chances at asking Carly out? He thought about making a quick detour to the bathroom to clean his face, but it was too late to do that now. Kids were now coming down from the top of the stairs.

He was about to run away when he saw Carly walking down the stairs. Boy, was she gorgeous. With every step she took, her brunette hair would sway from side to side. She walked like a princess too. He started scrubbing his face furiously with soap. Oh, he was so going to get her for this After 15 minutes of scrubbing, his face was finally ink-free, and a little red, too. He ignored it and just walked towards the cafeteria, giving up hope on asking Carly out for today.

He scanned the room for her. She was sitting at the center of the room, surrounded by her admirers and friends. She was laughing at something her friend told her. Ah, yes, Freddie always liked it when she laughs. She was talking animatedly to the girl on her right and they both giggled. He noticed the seat on her left, the one the no one was sitting on. Slowly and reluctantly, he tore his eyes away from her and he looked towards the corner of the room.

A mini food fight seemed to be commencing at the farthest table, and not surprisingly, he saw her throwing peanuts at the other table, as though taunting them to join in. He walked grudgingly towards her, fuming.

Freddie sat opposite him, setting down his bag on the floor. His glare went unnoticed, however, as Sam was currently engrossed in attacking Jonah with food. Sam grabbed a handful after handful of peanuts from her large paper bag.

She was quickly running out of peanuts. In a matter of seconds, she was left with only two pieces. Jonah, who was grinning at her, thinking he had won, was caught by surprised when she pushed the last two peanuts up his nostrils.

He yelped in pain and pulled them out. He sat back down on his seat and noticed Freddie. Freddie gave a small wave at him, before turning to look at Sam again. She grinned at him when she saw that his face was red from all the scrubbing.

He wiped away the goo that had flown on his face. Frustrated, he stood up and left. Sam found it funny how Freddie got all worked up. Honestly, he had no idea why he put up with her sometimes. She was one of the worst students of Ridgeway, and, according to her, the only class she was actually good at was detention. Yep, she was actually proud of her perfect attendance in Room Freddie was mortified at first when he learned that she got detention, but he became used to it when she had 3 detentions in a row.

She liked to harass people, mostly him, and she was obsessed with food. Anyone who stood in the way of her and her meat had no chance of leaving alive. Well, maybe except for him. It confused him, sometimes. And now, he felt like laughing. Because even if this will sound crazy, and trust me it is crazy, they were actually best friends. Sam hated school and had no interest in learning at all. He recently caught a glimpse of a book about video editing she had in her bag one of the few ones she thought were light enough to carry.

They were complete opposites. But in a way, they sort of fit together. They balance each other out. Whenever Freddie was being too shy, Sam always tried to help him open up but not in the way he wanted her to, but still and whenever Sam got too rowdy, Freddie can always calm her down.

He heard a scream come from the cafeteria and he turned around to see that Sam had successfully started a food fight. Just most of the time.

He started walking away, not willing to join in, for his mother would freak if she saw so much as a small stain on his shirt. He faintly heard a "Freddie, look out! He thought he heard it crack against his skull. He heard someone running over to him. Swchab, is Frederly going to be alright? Freddie Benson. Why did you not stop that kid from throwing a porcelain mug at Freddie?

Is that… Carly? He repeated it again when there was no reply. He opened his eyes. Before he could answer her though, Carly had flung her arms around him. Freddie felt like the luckiest man in the world. Carly, Carly Shay, the girl of his dreams, was hugging him.

His dreams were finally coming true. Or so he thought. Carly moved to unhug him, and he blushed when he realized he was hugging her back a little too tightly. Clearing his throat, he looked around, expecting Sam to be smiling at him and giving him a thumbs up.


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