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AT spectrum analyzer can test mobile phone, RF circuits, for example, control signal of logic circuit, baseband signal; local oscillator signal of RF circuit, IF signal and transmission signal, It is very quick and accurate to use AT spectrum analyzer to overhaul the fault of mobile phone which can not enter the network, and determine the fault point.

Electromagnetic Compatible EMC Testing: measure the function of harmful electromagnetic wave to be transmitted by various electronic equipments. From authorization aspect, it is very effective measurement function for the evaluation and research in advance to carry out the measurement of radioactive noise.

Widely used for production, development, education and scientific research. True form of signal such as RF pulse signal can be observed from ATTEN spectrum analyzer clearly, where figures are expanded by Fourier series, good for apprehend in education and research. Signal feedis via a 1. When used in conjuction with a spectrum analyzer or measuring receiver, the probes canbe used to locate and qualify EMI sources, as well as evaluate EMC problems at the breadboard and prototype level.

They enable the user to evaluate radiated fields and perform shield effectiveness comparisons. Mechanical screening performance and immunity tests on cables and components are easily performed. AT Specifications Frequency range: 0. Both models include a 41 2 digit numeric LED readout that can selectively display either the center or marker frequency. The AT includes a tracking generator. The instruments are suitable for pre-compliance testing during develop.

A near-field sniffer probe set, AZ, can be used to locate cable and PC board emission hot spots and evaluate EMC problems at the breadboard and prototype level. There is an optional measurement output for a PC which makes documentation of results easy and affordable with the AO lnterface.

Lt is indispensable of EMI pre-compliance testing during product development, prior to third party testing. The set includes 3 hand-held probes with a built-in pre-amplifier covering the frequency range from kHz to over MHz. The probes-ove magnetic field probe, one electric field probe, and one high impedance probe are all matched to the 50 inputs of Spectrum analyzers While investigating a circuit board, the sources are immediately obvious.

It is easily noticed which compo-nent i. IC causes interference and which does not. In addition. Therefore, one can eliminate early in the development components which are not suitable for EMC purposes. The effectiveness of countermeasures can be judged easily.

One can investingate shields for "leaking" areas and cables or wires for conducted interference. One can, for example, measure the quantitative effectiveness of filters or other or other blocking measures.

Individual pins of ICs can be identified. With this Hi-Z probe individual test points of a circuit can be connected to the 50W impedance of spectrum analyzer. The logical arrangement of the controls allows anyone to quickly become familiar with the operation of the instrument, however, experienced users are also advised to read through these instructions so that all functions are understood.

Immediately after unpacking, the instrument should be checked for mechanical damage and loose parts in the interior. The instrument must then not be put into operation. For the E position 20 inclination , the handle should be pulled to release it from the D position and swing backwards until if locks once more. The handle may also be set to a position for horizontal carrying by turning it to the upper side to lock in the B position.

At the same time, the instrument must be lifted, because otherwise the handle will jump back. It is sensitive enough to be used as an antenna for radio or TV reception. With this probe the entire radiation from AZE a circuit or an equipment can be measured.

It is used, for example, for example, to determine the effectiveness of shielding measures. With this probe, the entire effectiveness of filters can be measured by measuring the RFI which is conducted along cables that leave the equipment and may influence the total radiation. In addition, the E-field probe may be used to perform relative measurements for certification tests. This makes it possible to apply remedial suppression measures so that any re-qualification results will be positive.

In addition, pre-testing for certification tests may be performed so that no surprises are encountered during the certification tests. It is a direct-contact probe. The probe is of very high impedance near the insulation resistance of the printed circuit material and is loading the test point with only 2pF 80 at 1GHz.

AZH Thereby one can measure directly in a circuit 20 To view the screen from the best angle, there are three different positions C, D, E for setting up the instrument. If the instrument is set down on the floor after being carried, the handle automatically remains in the upright carrying position A.

In order to place the instrument onto a horizontal surface, the handle should be turned to the upper side of the Spectrum Analyzer C. For the D position 10 inclination , the handle should be Safety This instrument has been designed and tested in accordance with IEC Publication , Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use.

It has left the factory in a safe condition. This instruction manual contains important information and warnings which have to be followed by the user to ensure safe operation and to retain the Spectrum Analyzer in a safe condition. The case, chassis and all measuring terminals are connected to the protective earth contact of the appliance inlet. The instrument operates according to Safety Class l three-conductor power cord with protective earthing conductor and a plug with earthing contact.

The protective action must not be negated by the use of an extension cord without a protective conductor. Most cathode-ray tubes develop X-rays. Whenever it is likely that protection has been impaired, the instrument shall be made inoperative and be secured against any unintended operation. The protection is likely to be impaired if, for example, the instrument: Shows visible damage.

Fails to perform the intended measurements. Has been subjected to prolonged storage under unfavorable conditions e. Has been subject to severe transport stress e.

Operating conditions The instrument has been designed for indoor use. The maximum operating altitude is up to m non-operating m. If condensed water exists in the instrument it should be acclimatized before switching on.

In some cases e. The instrument should be kept in a clean and dry room and must not be operated in explosive, dusty, or moist environments. The spectrum analyzer can be operated in any position, but the convection cooling must not be impaired. For continuous operation the instrument should be used in the horizontal position, preferably tilted upwards, resting the tilt handle. Values without tolerances are typical for an average instrument. Customers must contact and notify the distributor who has sold the product.

Each instrument is subjected to a quality test with 10 hour burn-in before leaving the production. Practically all early failures are detected by this method. In the case of shipments by post, rail or carrier it is recommended that the original packing is carefully preserved. Transport damages and damage due to gross negligence are not cover by the warranty. In the case of a complaint, a label should be attached to the housing of the instrument which describes briefly the faults observed.

If at the same time the name and telephone number dialing code and telephone or direct number or department designation is stated for possible queries, this helps towards speeding up the processing of warranty claims. Remove the power cable from the power connector prior to making any changes to the voltage setting. The fuses must also be replaced with the appropriate value see table below prior to connecting the power cable. Both fuses are externally accessible by removing the fuse cover located above the 3-pole power connector.

The fuseholder can be released by pressing its plastic retainers with the aid of a small screwdriver. The retainers are located on the right and left side of the holder and must be pressed towards the center. The fuse s can then be replaced and pressed in until locked on both sides. Use of patched fuses or short-circuiting of the fuseholder is not permissible; ATTEN assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage caused as a result, and all warranty claims become null and void.

Fuse type Maintenance Various important properties of the Spectrum Analyzer should be carefully checked at certain intervals. Only in this it largely certain that all signals are displayed with the accuracy on which the technical data are based.

The exterior of the instrument should be cleaned regularly with a dusting brush. Spirit or washing benzine petroleum ether can be used to remove greasy dirt.

The screen may be cleaned with water or washing benzene [but not with spirit alcohol or solvents], it must then be wiped with a dry clean lint-free cloth. Under no circumstances may the cleaning fluid get into the instrument. The use of other cleaning agents can attack the plastic and paint surfaces. This warranty shall not apply to any defect, failure or damage caused by improper use or inadequate maintenance and care.

ATTEN shall not be obliged to provide service under this warranty to repair damage resulting from attempts by personnel other than ATTEN representatives to install, repair, service or modify these products. The voltage selection switch is located on the rear of the instrument and displays the selected voltage can Introduction The spectrum analyzer permits the detection of spectrum components of electrical signals in the frequency range of 0.

The detected signal and its content have to be repetitive. In contrast to an oscilloscope operated in Yt mode, where the amplitude is displayed on the time domain, the spectrum analyzer displays amplitude on the frequency domain Yf. The individual spectrum components of "a signal" become visible on a spectrum analyzer.

The oscilloscope would display the same signal as one resulting waveform. The spectrum analyzer works according to the triple superhet receiver principle. This oscillator is called the 1st LO local oscillator. It then enters an amplifier, and this is followed by two additional mixing stages, oscillators and amplifiers. The second IF is The logarithmic output video signal is transferred directly, or via a low pass filter to another amplifier.

This amplifier output is connected to the Y deflection plates of the CRT.


atten spectrum analyzer

Reference Currency HKD About product and suppliers: Installing antenna more high and using in the countrysidethe distance will much more far. Cable and Antenna Analyzer EA. But if you have not a credit card and not have a paypal account or difficult to got a paypal accout ,You can use the following: We have modernization of the factory. If you want to change address, please send your correct address and phone number to my email sky fmuser. But does not influence the delivery date, will safely arrive in days. What is your detail address, so that we can check the enviroment there.


(スペアナ)Spectrum Analyzer(150kHz-500MHz) ATTEN AT5005

Douran When working on negative ions atyen treatment, negative ions symbol flashes. Connection with energy effect pad, controlling negative potential output intensity by the key. I have a USA customer use 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in his hometown ,and he test it with a car, it cover 10km 6. Where are you from? If you come to Chinayou are welcome to visit us.

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