Kigazuru Ahh…but the second part of the book…. She terri a very good 4 Star narrator. Madison is sometimes very frustrating and annoying how can she deny herself the happiness of being with the love of her life? To buy the Kindle edition — click here. I will say, it kept me entertained. At Seventeen is a very touching and painful story about two friends who grew up together and who have always loved each other.

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In part one, we learn of rich-girl Madison and poor-girl Shannon meeting at age 10, and how their forbidden friendship developed into forbidden love over the course of seven or eight years. This period in their lives is told by Shannon to two of her friends of six years during a dinner. I very much liked this part of the bookit was very sweet. Ill get to the second part in a moment.

There are three distinct parts to this book. I very much liked this part of the book…it was very sweet. Tah dah! Check off the HEA.

Ahh…but the second part of the book…. Between ages 18 and 38, our MCs lead very separate lives. Rich girl refused to run off with poor girl,, and instead married a man she did not love, and had a child. Poor girl pined so much for her true love rich girl that she never had another fulfilling relationship, and even avoided going home to visit her mother just in case she might run into her true love in the small town.

Poor girl was just so darned perfect that she had no love life at all until rich girl grew up and decided she could make choices after all. Yeah, as you might have guessed, I did not much like part two. Rich girl was just too willing to ruin her own life by not living her own life.

I do believe in love, and I enjoy stories in which two people seem destined for each other and end up together in a HEA ending. Twenty years, Shannon? Very few people spend their lives with their first love. Losing a first love is heartbreaking…. Spending life loveless after a first love makes a bad choice is just sad. In the case of this book, getting together at the end is a happy ending, but twenty years of unhappiness permeates this part of the book.


At Seventeen




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