Temuro In April ofRiyadi knocked Sagesse out of the Lebanese Cup championship in the semi-final game and then sweeped Champville off in la final game by 26 pts Finally, none of the Arab teams was strong enough to steal the Champion of the Arabs title from Riyadi in as they all collapsed one after another when they had khqbar face the Yellow Giant in the Pan Arab Cup held in Morocco. As for the the Lebanese Basketball championship season, it was not an easy one, yet Riyadi still prevailed and was able to achieve its 7th Lebanese Championship title in a row also in May In the final game, Al Riyadi smashed Sagesse in Manara by 40 ptsand ended the series a by clean sweep of Khatib claimed the MVP title of the tournament, Vogel was the best center, Captain Ismail Ahmad was the best rebounder, and Hasan Shaker was honored with the best administrator. The two teams representing Lebanon, Riyadi and Sagesse, met in the final game. Al Riyadi swept off Sagesse in the final with the first game ending with 23 pts difference, the second with 29 pts difference, and the 3rd with 22 pts difference.

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You will not see all the features of some websites. Participants reported being verbally and physically assaulted, Lachgar said. After three teens were arrested in October in the northeastern city of Nador and charged with violating public decency for posting photos on Facebook of two of them kissing, Lachgar organized a kiss-in outside of the Moroccan parliament in Rabat.

Journal algerien toute presse algrienne ligne quotidiens. With Free Running the type of motion can be equal to or extra important than overcoming the obstacle efficiently. The film sparked a strong backlash from some. Artists like Abidar, she added, have every right to escape to safety. The movie is banned in Morocco, but experts say it still compelled the state to release the numbers.

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Riyadi clinched and preserved the title while competing with the best teams in the Arab worlds and was crowned Champion of the Arabs in in Dubai, in in Rabat, in in Jaddah, and in in Beirut. Ismail Ahmad claimed the MVP title of the tournament. Riyadi has also won Housameddine Hariri RIP International Tournament ten times in,,and In the final game, Al Riyadi smashed Sagesse in Manara by 40 ptsand ended the series a by clean sweep of Right before the kick off of the season, Riyadi claimed Housameddine Hariri tournament the 17th in Saida by beating Al Ahli Egypt InRiyadi defeated the strongest teams in the continent, including Mahram from Iran in the final game. In this recurring annual tournament, Riyadi competed against some of the strongest teams in the Arabic world. This was also the first time that Coach Fouad Abou Chakra wins this very prestigious tournament.



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