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Telegram Aghori — A Biographical Novel Aghori is a biographical novel taking you through the journey of an Aghori — someone who follows the path of Aghor. For those who do not know Aghor is a path in Hinduism for the followers of Lord Shiva. This is a tantrik practice that involves these practitioners spending a lot of time at cremation grounds.

You would have probably heard of them at Kumbh Mela when they all gather at Prayag. So, as soon as his next book came, I was keen to read it too. I am happy I read the book. The fact that story belongs to late 20th CE, pretty much to my lifetime, it makes it very real. Aghori practitioners stay away from inhabited areas, so it is not very often that you get to meet, leave apart understand their ways.

I do not think I have ever seen or met anyone from this path. This story made me travel with an Aghori and see what he goes through in his life before he reaches the energy levels where they can perform miracles. The story begins in a small town in Bihar where a child is born to poor parents.

He grows up like a normal child, went to school and college as directed by parents. However, when his father senses that he wants to become a Sadhu or a spiritual practitioner, he tells him to become a good one. The young boy leaves home and starts living in a cremation ground — a place that naturally attracts him.

From here his journey on the path of Aghor starts. He meets many Guru — living and gone on his path. He follows their teachings and through guidance, he moves step by step towards his spiritual journey.

What I liked about the story of this Aghori Baba is that the authors take you on a journey along. In between his journey, authors introduce you to the concepts on this path of spirituality. This was the best part of the book. I understood many concepts that I have come across in various scriptures but I did not fully understand. Similarly, I had read about Dash Mahavidyas but this book told me the significance of each of them. I can relate to each of the manifestation of Devi much better now.

The path of Aghor focusses a lot on Shakti or the Divine Feminine. The followers of this path worship goddess in all her forms from benign ones to the scary ones. The cosmos reveals to them in the form of Scariest image of Goddess Kali when they understand that without Shakti even Shiv is a Shav or a corpse.

Geographically, the book takes you from Haridwar to mountains of Garhwal and Kumaon, to Assam and then finally brings you back to Varanasi. The way Haridwar and Varanasi are described would want you to pack your bags and go there.

I have been Haridwar so many times, but I never knew that the core of this city that was once called Maya is a triangle of three devi temples. Similarly, I have been to Kamakhya Temple in Assam but never knew about all the other temples on the same hill. Talk of going as a tourist versus going as a seeker. There is no greater Aghorini than mother Ganga. Radha and Krishna, light and darkness, are the core elements of all of the creation.

There was one mistake that I could find out — the time gap between the and does not add up in the journey of the Aghori. He had spent 8 years alone at one place on one cremation ground. At another place, it mentions Karnal in Punjab while it is in Haryana. As a Hindi speaker, I would have preferred to read the book in Hindi. I hope the authors and publishers are coming up with a Hindi Translation of the book.

The English is not bad but it can be way better. There are a lot of words that could have been more in tune with the theme of the book. I do not appreciate the word Ganges for Ganga. As an Indian reader, it alienated me. Overall, it is a work of great literary value. It is about a subject that is not written about very often. I am not aware of many books who would tell you the journey of an Aghori in so much detail, although authors have not revealed any of the secret practices. Buy Aghori — a Biographical Novel at Amazon.

If the little know paths within Hinduism interest you, or if you have wondered about the naked Sadhus you met at a Kumbh Mela — this is a book for you. Related Books:.


Aghor Nagara Vage

In some unpredicted situation if you are not happy with our products then there are some returns possible in few of the items under various conditions. If you have any group of spiritual discussion. Bhgwaan vishnuey pruthvi ni kasthmukti maatey varaah swaroop dhaaaran kari anisht aghor nagara vage gujarati no naash karyo teno ullekh varah puraanmaa mali aavey chey. Thanks, Ravish for publishing Oghad Kantha image.!! Aa kaarane mahatama, vankhandi tapasvio aavi chijone aghor nagara vage gujarati paasey raakhta hoy chey. You seem dedicated to following the Saadhnaa. Please keep nagsra posted regarding your search for other language translations.


Aghor Nagara Vage Vol 1

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Aghor Nagara Vage Vol.1



Aghor Nagara Vage 1 - 2


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