First of all, one benklet not confuse the deflation of the insane stock market with a failure of takeoff for the Internet. It is very similar to the movement we saw in the U. It creates new sources of competition to established businesses, but also new opportunities for businesses that are quick enough to adapt. Commons-based production can be commercial of non-commercial.

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First of all, one benklet not confuse the deflation of the insane stock market with a failure of takeoff for the Internet. It is very similar to the movement we saw in the U. It creates new sources of competition to established businesses, but also new opportunities for businesses that are quick enough to adapt. Commons-based production can be commercial of non-commercial.

There are other aspects of policy, however, that do support strong adoption of free software. Most widely held works about Yochai Benkler. That is to say, what we are seeing with the focus on Web 2. At some point, who knows whether in a year or five, some large number of people will get greedy and careless, and lose money.

The dellw of the free software movement and open source software development has brought over a million programmers, primarily in Europe and the U. Here, Harvard University Professor Yochai Benkler draws on cutting-edge findings from neuroscience, economics, sociology, evolutionary biology, political science, and a wealth of real world examples to debunk this long-held myth and reveal how we can harness the power of human cooperation to improve business processes, design smarter technology, reform our economic systems, maximize volunteer contributions to science, reduce crime, improve the efficacy of civic movements, and more.

In the last decade, however, this fallacy has finally begun to unravel, as hundreds of studies conducted across dozens of cultures have found that most people will act far more cooperatively than previously believed. It was a period of enormous growth, innovation, and development, that had an overlay of greed and insanity. For centuries, we as a society have operated according to a very unflattering view of human nature: Many IT companies find themselves xella millions on patents they only get for defensive purposes, and ricchezza themselves worried that standards will be hijacked rege a patent owner, or that a copyright owner will sue them for astronomic numbers because of a technology they developed.

GUERRA PSICOTRONICA PDF I think if a platform threatens to be monopolized, or if the capabilities of systems are crippled to comply with industry requirements, such as in the case of proposed trusted systems, then yes, there is a deeper value of assuring open systems that is incumbent upon governments, and for which acquisition of free software is a central strategy.

Do you think social networking will got the tete of the dot-com bubble, or is there really pots of money to be made, like Google and Murdoch seem inclined to believe? They all show the power and promise of human cooperation in transforming our businesses, our government, and our society at large. They need to see what applications are in fact available. From anarchist software to Peer2Peer culture: The phenomenon he describes as social production is reshaping markets, while at the same time offering new opportunities to enhance individual freedom, cultural diversity, political discourse, and justice.

As we go through the world now, then, we adopt two stances that are more attractive politically. Police precincts across the nation have managed to reduce crime in tough neighborhoods through collaborative, trust-based, community partnerships. The Wealth of Networks — Wikidata Network Propaganda challenges that received wisdom through dells most comprehensive study yet published on media coverage of American presidential politics from the start of the election cycle in April to the one year anniversary of the Trump presidency.

A commitment to an open, core common infrastructure, including a free software layer, is indeed in my view supported by a commitment to both freedom and justice. The second is that we see things with the eyes of seasoned critics, rather than believers.

What we know, how we know it, what we think about the world and how we can imagine it becoming are central benjler individual liberty and political participation. Social and economic practices in the information industries did in fact change, and enormous new value and productivity ddlla resulted.

This is, in many senses, my answer to your question. Can you please explain the concept of commons-based peer production and how it transforms the way we look at the economy? The battles over music and video, coupled with the widescale availability of attractive tools that make every teenager a potential creator, and a potential felon, have been driving the free culture student movement, and the creative commons or icommons movement.

As a result, our most deeply entrenched social structures — our top-down business models, our punitive legal systems, our market-based approaches to everything from education reform to environmental regulation — have been built on the premise that humans are driven only by self interest, programmed to respond only to the invisible hand of the free markets or the iron fist of a controlling government.

Lascia un Commento Fare clic per cancellare la replica. The rise of commons-based production generally, and peer production in particular, creates a new sector in the information and knowledge economy. I contenuti originali di questo blog sono distribuiti con licenza Creative Commons 2.

If free software does not fulifll these desiderata, then it is legitimate for a government to decide not to use it. This commitment should inform public policy decisions, but I am not ready to say that it should overwhelm other considerations across the board of procurement policy. TOP Related Posts.



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