Kagasar THIS is what the circuit looks like, yes 3 resistors in series. Remember that you will have to take into account the increase in the power dissipated by the series pass transistors when the power supply is supplying high current at lower voltages. Also, there should be a resistor from the output to pin 4, and another to ground. Your name or email address: I know this supply is limited to 9.

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Shagor The other thing to watch out for is power disipation: Just as a generic example. THIS is what the circuit looks like, yes 3 resistors in series. What is the difference between using 2sd and 2n transistor. Also, lm is supposedly the same, so there is tons of info out there. Transistor Catalog Resource for Civil Engineering news? BassblasterOct 21, One deluxe model I just looked at, needs 5-amps! All information recommendations and suggestions appearing herein concerning this product are based upon data obtained from.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Download language change word D datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Pin 4 is shown in your schematic as NC. BassblasterOct 26, Your name or email address: If the voltage going to your series pass transistors is higher, the power dissipated will be greater.

With the pot disconnected pin 5 has 0V pin 6 has 7. If the supply voltage to your pass transistors is 16 volts at full load a realistic value, although it could be somewhat higher the power dissipated by the transistors would be less than 25 watts at a 10 amp output.

Request Z- Communications D But if the output voltage was for example 5 volts the power dissipated would increase to about watts. The supply i have has 3x 2N outputs with a 2SD as the driver Can anyone chip in on this? Also i had no luck with finding a schematic but i did try the shine a light dataeheet the PCB method in a half assed attempt to reverse engineer the circuit. But, by all means experiment. Windows 7 64 bit vs 32bit and RAM usage confusion?

You can find data sheets produced by the manufactures for electrical devices and components here: It can handle 6-amps of current. Version download free mistresses This datasheet has been download from: Tuner magazine download torrent Download swedish house mafia until now Free downloads mp3 tamil songs Law and order sfx download Hand logos download Jay z blueprint 3 free download rar Ork kristali sada download adobe.

Depending on the thermal performance of the heat sink this can be an issue. The 2SD is a much beefier adtasheet than the 2N No, create an account now.

Electrical network question to 2sd current please help? These examples should give you a good starting point for comparison to your power supply. Specification for PTFE basic shapes, rod, datadheet heavy- walled tubing: D datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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